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June 2005

Good article on the Treo

Good article about the Treo.

The Awkward Smart Phone Grows Up - New York Times

Right now, I am really missing my 600. I kinda of like the 650, but it doesn't hold as much data as the 600 and I've had to delete several programs I liked.

One thing I do like about the 650, is the side button, I have it set up to do EzManager (my diabetes software).

When the 600 finally died, I thought about going back to two devices, but the unlimited internet is just too good. I can't do with out. It keeps me sane at dog shows. It will probably keep me sane in the new classroom.

Third Day - First Dose

Just upped my dose to 20 units and ate lunch. Feel a little full and a little odd, but not really nausea.

One good side effect, my GERD seems to be a bit better. I've been having problems even though on medication.

Checked my blood sugar two hours after, and its at 135, slightly under my goal.

Still no nausea, actually feel a bit bloated and full.

Accu-Check Aviva

It is bigger than the Flash (my current standard) according to a table in Diabetes Health, and it says nothing about a backlight, which by the way, I used last night.

I like the idea of the lancing device so will probably snag one and try it out when I can. FYI, I do NOT pay for meters. I refuse to, when I am testing 10 times a day.

children with DIABETES - Roche Shows New Accu-Chek Aviva System At ADA

Roche Shows New Accu-Chek Aviva System At ADA

Upping the dose

Just heard from my CDE and she agrees to up the dose and said to feel free to drop it back down if I can't tolerate it.

So I'm on 20 units now.

Benefits so far:
It is definately making eating easier to control. I don't feel hunger as often, and feel full more. I have been able to drop my calorie intake without feeling deprive.

I'm definately losing weight, though I've also upped my cardio this week.

Insulin usage is down.

Cons so far
Injections -- one of the reasons I went to the pump. The pump manufactures need to find a way to deal with this.

Supplies -- I have to carry syringes and another vial in my daily pack. I was carrying syringes before. I do try to keep the carrying weight down.

One more thing to keep up with.

Math -- I have to remember to half the carbs when I do symlin.

Second day, third dose

For lots of good reasons, I stopped and had a fast food meal on the way to dog agility -- I needed more calories, I was a bit low, I'd eaten healthy all day.

I did another dose of Symlin, and did fine with it. Still a bit high after meals, but I'm not on the full dose yet.

I'm certainly not having hunger problems I have had before.

Depression and Diabetes

Good advice here.

Cyber-Pancreas: Depression and Diabetes

This is half the reason I am seeing a CDE right now. I'm been to a couple of mental health care peaople, and they didn't specialize in diabetes.

Well, one was diabetic himself, but not taking care of himself as well as I take care of me, and he was supposed to be helping me with some of my eating issues. Hard to take someone seriously who is gaining weight himself.

Next time I decide to see someone like that I'm going to be VERY specific on what I want.

Lunch - Second Day

This was probably the worst reaction I had. Today's lunch is a tuna apple salad on a pita and has a lot of bulk to it. About halfway through I started feeling full and a bit off.

Not real bad though.

Woke up early

Not sure if this is symlin related or not.

Was feeling a bit odd. Sure enough, I'd pull my set off. Not a huge problem, because it is set change day anyway. Blood sugar was at 112 which isn't too bad for me.

Still had 40 units in the cartridge but decided to waste it, since only 20 units would be left after priming AND that cartridge, insulin, etc. had been in nasty dirt (I'd lain in the dog agility arena dirt twice).

I'm not sure if I had a low and pulled the set off -- I have pulled off sets in the night before, and every time my blood sugar has been in the low to regular range so I think I pull sets off in my sleep when low.

Heading back to bed.