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The problem with DLife

Mike posted a comment to my post on too many hosts -- and he is right -- they DO try to cover too many topics. They really should go to an hour, and even then, go with ONE topic at a time.

I hope they were just getting out there.

One thing about their channel -- there isn't much going on it anyway. Have you looked at their schedule? Most is paid programming, and of course, I'm sure DLife is really a form of that too.

FYI: I do have a bit of knowledge of this type of thing -- I once had a radio talk show -- it was a local one hour call in show where we also covered something new -- at the time, a lot of our slots were paid for by Microsoft, since Windows 98 was the next new thing.

It was paid for by a local computer store, though we solicited advertising as much as possible. Thus, the featured products. So DLife may very well be organized the same way.