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Survived the dentist

Survived the dentist and without needing extra insulin. He told me it wouldn't hurt this time, and it didn't, well, it irritated my jaw -- I broke it in a bicycle accident years ago, and have had problems with dentists ever since. He did a crown prep, my number 2 tooth is literally crumbling from all the repairs.

I'm going to be glad to have that done and behind me. It's been giving me trouble for the past 6 months.

The other good news, is that I've gotten the ginivitis under control, which is supposed to be more prevelant in diabetes. I'm sure the GERD is behind the tooth problems I've been having.

An a major brag -- I got our doorbell working finally. It hasn't since we moved in, and for a while we had a wireless electronic doorbell that I didn't like much. I'm almost feeling ambitious enough to try to get a chime for the backyard -- there is wiring for it. I figured out by using the internet -- did a search on doorbell, and found