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That helped -- the Sonata put me to sleep, but I didn't feel any worse this morning than I do any other. Not something I want to do on a regular basis, but if it can get me back on track when it comes to sleeping, that's what I need to do.

The more I think about the conversation the doctor and I had about his kids (middle school aged), the more it has helped me.

I'm off to the contact lens doctor -- another "put off". My bifocal eye has been driving me nuts! I'm getting it checked and will reorder since I am almost out -- I have one left.

If you are at the bifocal age -- especially just starting out -- using contacts, and going to a good contact lens specialist pays off. My prescriptions are constantly changing, but neither I or the practicer seem to mind that I need to check in every few months and get a different prescription for one eye or the other.