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Doctor is moving

Apparently I'm one of the few patients in the practice who come from them from the south -- they are moving, and they are quite a bit further away to the north.

One thing I want to check is whether they still work with the same hospital -- the closest hospital treated my husband very well when he had to be hospitalized, though I figure if I am in the hospital, I will be seeing a specialist, and it won't be the primary care physician as the main doctor. It's much easier to go back and forth from that facility than any other.

Here's the thing I like most about the pratice: if I need to see my doctor, I will get in on the same day. If I want a routine visit, I can get it within 2 weeks, and get the first appointment of the day. Also, he's been taking walk-ins on Satudays.

He also spends a lot of time going through charts. I had carpel tunnel surgery BEFORE he had me as a patient and he asked me about the experience, etc. He still makes some assumptions based on appearance -- yes, I do work out, and I have a home gym. That always bugs me.


Good news -- the contacts are being made in a new material which is wetter. I can already feel the difference.

However, I'm having trouble switching eyes -- I think that is a function of being a bit tired.

We always give the contacts a few days to settle -- especially since my brain needs to reset before we know for sure if these are right.


That helped -- the Sonata put me to sleep, but I didn't feel any worse this morning than I do any other. Not something I want to do on a regular basis, but if it can get me back on track when it comes to sleeping, that's what I need to do.

The more I think about the conversation the doctor and I had about his kids (middle school aged), the more it has helped me.

I'm off to the contact lens doctor -- another "put off". My bifocal eye has been driving me nuts! I'm getting it checked and will reorder since I am almost out -- I have one left.

If you are at the bifocal age -- especially just starting out -- using contacts, and going to a good contact lens specialist pays off. My prescriptions are constantly changing, but neither I or the practicer seem to mind that I need to check in every few months and get a different prescription for one eye or the other.


I was able to go to bed early, but woke up about 11:00 and can't go back to sleep -- just tried, so I took a sleeping pill and am going to try again in a bit.

Right now, my biggest problem is that I can't get over how one individual treated me this year. She made my job infinitely harder by not doing her job, and she stood by literally and kept her mouth shut when someone else was tearing me down.

It's sad, because I've had respect for everyone else that's been in that position. In the past, I've worked with those people extensively for a mutually beneficial relationship for the school and the kids. In fact, I just heard from another person that the last person in that position thinks the world of me.

Yeah, this is real cryptic but I'm trying to work it out without revealing too much to the world. Lots of people have been hurt in the workplace by inappropriate blogging.

It was a good school year though, even with the problems. The test scores were actually very good, the kids that didn't put any effort in flunked, and the kids that did put effort in it did well. One of the things I like most about my district is that they hire teachers to write finals for all the courses. I know a lot of teachers don't like that, but this way, I know if I covered what I was supposed to or not. It would be nicer if I would know BEFORE the time the finals come out, but at least this confirmed it.

Last day

I don't have to think about work until the first week of July. I am doing 3 days of staff development and a conference then. Plus I have my classes.

The first of my agenda is get things taken care of that I've been putting off. Saw the primary care physician today about sleeping meds. I'm not sure I'm going to need them tonight. I'm exhausted.

I'm seeing the contact lens doctor tomorrow, the dentist and CDE on Tuesday.

Then I'm concentrating on the car and the house. Inspection is due on the car plus the $#@#$ check engine light is on. The outside lights aren't working.

The rest of my time is resting, exercising, and taking care of myself.

And in a few weeks, I'm going to an 4-day agility trial in Monroe and hopefully my family will visit.

I think I'm going to try to take some bus/commuter train day trips. I threaten that every year.


It's the last day, and I'm waiting for a teacher to finish using one of my student computers.

Blood sugar was okay this morning, so yesterday did not throw me too off track. Unfortunately Thursday is my late night, so I got to bed late, and then woke up at 4:00 am not able to go back to sleep.

Well, I was tired and able to go back to sleep at 6:30, but that was when I need to be up and moving.

That was well...

I have lots of thoughts... Met with my stessors, well, only one. They wanted to tell me where my classroom will be next year. It's seriously not a problem and not worth a meeting.

Though the blood sugar shot up to 270. I'm on my way downstairs to walk it off.

Special Treats

A Shot in the Dark: Bloody Peach Vanilla Cake!

I was reading this article and feeling sorry for both Josephy and his mom, Sandra. I can imagine nothing harder than being a mother of a child with diabetes. As a high school teacher I watch parents and students struggle with each other all the time and I've glad I made the choice to be a bystander and not a participant.

Anyway on the treat thing -- I'm comparing it to this week here at school. I've avoided two events completely because they had the wrong timing for me and the wrong foods. Having just come off a massive non-compliant episode, I just didn't need the events. I am honestly -- scheduling a meal at 3:00 pm doesn't work for me at all. It's either too late or too early. The other event was at 1:30, which isn't much better.

This morning, I did "give in". One of our long term teachers who is retiring brought a little bit of everything: fruit, chocolate and crackers. Of course, everything she brought turns to sugar, but at least everything was prepackaged, easily countable, and portable. I grabbed an apple and a small piece of chocolate (one of those minatures), and brought them upstairs to eat after my postprandial reminder went off.
She was super pleased with herself for thinking to bring stuff that people like me could eat, and I sure wasn't going to burst her bubble -- besides, I could have choosen to toss the items and she would have none the wiser.

Social situations can be hard.

The person or persons bringing the food honestly do so out of pride, admiration, or just a way to show that they care. Too many people take rejecting food they give as rejecting them or at least the recipent can feel that way. It's even harder when they are trying to do the right thing -- I'm learning though to tell people that it isn't the right time for me to eat, and take it and find a way to get rid of it later.

I'll say, either I just ate and I'm full, or give some other legimate excuse. That usually works.