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Omnipod Specs

Products / Product Specifications - Insulet Corporation

Here's the new insulin pump specifications. Right now, I can't see the advantage.

I would agree that tubing is a pain in the rear. On the other hand, the most sensitive and most hard to design part of the whole pump happens to be the set. I misinsert at least 2 times a month. Yesterday was the last time I screwed up, I was in a hurry and didn't wait until my skin was dry.

I really don't see it working that well for a Type 2 since it holds only 200 units. I also can't see that the unit that goes on the body is much smaller than the current Animas pump. Let's face it, the Omni pod has to be big enough to hold a AAA battery + 200 units of insulin. That's a big lump. In fact, it has to be at least as large as the Animas 1250.

It's also got to be waterproof and adhere to the skin.

The PDM looks interesting though and the fact that it works with the Freestyle.