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Survived the dentist

Survived the dentist and without needing extra insulin. He told me it wouldn't hurt this time, and it didn't, well, it irritated my jaw -- I broke it in a bicycle accident years ago, and have had problems with dentists ever since. He did a crown prep, my number 2 tooth is literally crumbling from all the repairs.

I'm going to be glad to have that done and behind me. It's been giving me trouble for the past 6 months.

The other good news, is that I've gotten the ginivitis under control, which is supposed to be more prevelant in diabetes. I'm sure the GERD is behind the tooth problems I've been having.

An a major brag -- I got our doorbell working finally. It hasn't since we moved in, and for a while we had a wireless electronic doorbell that I didn't like much. I'm almost feeling ambitious enough to try to get a chime for the backyard -- there is wiring for it. I figured out by using the internet -- did a search on doorbell, and found

The problem with DLife

Mike posted a comment to my post on too many hosts -- and he is right -- they DO try to cover too many topics. They really should go to an hour, and even then, go with ONE topic at a time.

I hope they were just getting out there.

One thing about their channel -- there isn't much going on it anyway. Have you looked at their schedule? Most is paid programming, and of course, I'm sure DLife is really a form of that too.

FYI: I do have a bit of knowledge of this type of thing -- I once had a radio talk show -- it was a local one hour call in show where we also covered something new -- at the time, a lot of our slots were paid for by Microsoft, since Windows 98 was the next new thing.

It was paid for by a local computer store, though we solicited advertising as much as possible. Thus, the featured products. So DLife may very well be organized the same way.

IR1250 -- was it worth it to upgrade?

Resounding YES!

I really liked my IR1000. It was easy to program, easy to bolus, etc. BUT I didn't always check my blood sugar on time and I wasn't always sure how to correct.

The IR1250 -- but the IR1200 would have served the purpose as well -- has made all the difference in the world on my control. It reminds me to test my blood sugar and tells me how much insulin I need. I've got it set to remind at 2 hours after the last bolus, and if I am busy can ignore it, and it will faithfully remind me until I tell it to stop.

Unfortunately because of the recall, I don't use the food list enough. I'm also not sure I like the calorie king database because it uses more characters in the food names than the old database did. I'd kinda of like to have both databases!

I also like the fact that it is smaller, very few people notice I have it on which is a plus, but not entirely necessary.

Embroyic Stem Cell Research

I still don't get why people are up in arms about this. The President repeated his stance on this today:

He doesn't feel that government money needs to be spent on something this controversial. The JDF and other groups are free to raise money and support embroyic stem cell research. He just refuses to spend government money on embroyic stem cell research. Money can be spent on adult stem cells, cord stem cells, and the existing lines. He doesn't think that the government should be financing the possibility of destroying life. I'm happy with that.

Frankly, I'm not sure government money should be spent on researching diseases anyway -- and I feel that it should be privately funded. Then it is up to the researchers to determine what direction they should go.

I think that the government needs to be involved in protecting us from our enemies and in financing the mandates they are putting in place when it comes to educating our children.

CDE Visit

Got back a little bit ago from the CDE visit. I related the last stress day at work to her and she indicated that it was entirely normal -- basically I'd gotten another note to meet with the PTB and at the end of the meeting, my blood sugar had shot up to 210 -- and I had been keeping it in the 100-150 range before than.

The sad part about that is that you don't have any indication other than feeling bad, that your blood sugar has shot up that high. A lot of people will attribute that to the stress and not check.

I'm sticking on the Apidra for another month, and she's hoping the Cleo clinical trial will start in July.

I see her again in 4 weeks.

I did tell her about my goal for the summer, which worried her a bit. Basically I want to take off the 12 pounds I gained from the stress this spring, and another 25 pounds. It won't be a great loss if I don't get quite that far.

Dog Agility

A really good article that explains what dog agility is about.

This is the sport I currently do with my dogs. Both of my girls really love dog agility, and it's a way for me to measure my physical ability. Or lack there of.

Any dog can have a champion day |

Before I did dog agility....

I did some conformation and a lot of dog obedience. I had the number 1 Obedience beagle in the country for 8 years, according to Front and Finish Magazine, and was recognized by the National Beagle Club in 1990.

As a result, I got into pet therapy, which was very hard on me, but fun for the dog.

Later, as a result of the dog obedience experience, I got into Police K9 Training and was a certified instructor for several years.


I've got an appointment with my CDE and with the dentist. The fun part about the CDE appointment is that a drunk driver took out the bridge in front of the office. Also, the office has moved.

The fun part about the dentist, is that we start putting a crown on a tooth.

All things I've sort of put off -- or just couldn't do because of the school schedule.

Difference from being on insulin and on oral meds

DLife brought this up, but only touched on it briefly. One of the reasons I'm on insulin, is that I could in no way control my diabetes on oral medications.

One of the primary reasons I couldn't, is that you take a fixed dose of medication and have to drastically modify your diet. Not only what you eat, but when you eat.

Well, I couldn't do that. I still can't do that. Right now, I can control what I eat, but not how much and when. I know it sounds weird, but the more I try to do it, the worst it gets, and the worse I feel. Its how I have coped with stress all my life. Once the stress hold lesses, it will get easier.

However, right now, I'm waking up wondering what I could have done to make this year better. I can't quite figure it out, and may yet realize I just did the best I could -- but in the meantime, I'm still stressed out.