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Another diabetes blog!
A good day!

I stand by my stand!

In fact, I'm going to be a VERY adament that I think that the diabetics who are criticizing the ADA for accepting donations from Cadbury Sweppes are at the very least, very short sided, and that the very most, very bigoted.

I went out to the Cadberry Schweppes, and as I suspected, they make more than "junk food".

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I personally don't label anything as junk food, or forbidden food, first of all that is VERY dangerous and can lead to eating disorders. Yeah, I've been treated for an eating disorder myself, though I thought the process was a waste of time. (And for another post).

I've been involved in non-profit organizations before, and am a teacher at a public school, and one thing I've learned, is to NEVER EVER look a gift horse in the mouth. Maybe it helps being a drug dog handler and knowing that most of the funding you are getting are from confiscations, but frankly, I'm not to proud to take any money given and use it.

I also bet that the very people who are condemning the ADA buy Cadberry-Schweppes products on a regular basis. Mott's Apple products, for example, or how about Welch's products, or even Sunkist products?