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The problem with DLife

Doctor is moving

Apparently I'm one of the few patients in the practice who come from them from the south -- they are moving, and they are quite a bit further away to the north.

One thing I want to check is whether they still work with the same hospital -- the closest hospital treated my husband very well when he had to be hospitalized, though I figure if I am in the hospital, I will be seeing a specialist, and it won't be the primary care physician as the main doctor. It's much easier to go back and forth from that facility than any other.

Here's the thing I like most about the pratice: if I need to see my doctor, I will get in on the same day. If I want a routine visit, I can get it within 2 weeks, and get the first appointment of the day. Also, he's been taking walk-ins on Satudays.

He also spends a lot of time going through charts. I had carpel tunnel surgery BEFORE he had me as a patient and he asked me about the experience, etc. He still makes some assumptions based on appearance -- yes, I do work out, and I have a home gym. That always bugs me.