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CDE Visit

Got back a little bit ago from the CDE visit. I related the last stress day at work to her and she indicated that it was entirely normal -- basically I'd gotten another note to meet with the PTB and at the end of the meeting, my blood sugar had shot up to 210 -- and I had been keeping it in the 100-150 range before than.

The sad part about that is that you don't have any indication other than feeling bad, that your blood sugar has shot up that high. A lot of people will attribute that to the stress and not check.

I'm sticking on the Apidra for another month, and she's hoping the Cleo clinical trial will start in July.

I see her again in 4 weeks.

I did tell her about my goal for the summer, which worried her a bit. Basically I want to take off the 12 pounds I gained from the stress this spring, and another 25 pounds. It won't be a great loss if I don't get quite that far.