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Trying out Apidra

I went to see my CDE today -- she's been a bit concerned since I have been having higher blood sugars.

While I was there, she asked if I would try Apidra -- I think it's a clinical trial for their office only, but not sure. She said it would not be available until January but could provide me with free insulin if I would let her know how it works.

It's supposed to be more rapid acting than Novalog.

I'm a good guinea pig for them, because I am "glucose sensitive", allergic to Humalog, and use quite a bit of insulin.

So far, I have noticed it goes into the pump a bit smoother -- I can feel the Novalog when I do a bolus and did not feel the Apidra.

FYI: She says Apidra is piglatin for rapid.