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Diabetes: Two Diseases in One - Type 2 Stereotypes

The Diabetes debate

Diabetes Mine: Diabetes: Two Diseases in One

I'm not sure I SHOULD be singled out as a special case.

I'm also not sure diabetes CAN be prevented. I'm quite certain that in my case it couldn't have been.

Here's why I say that. I've known my genetic medical history all of my adult life.

All of my adult life my health providers have told me that I was borderline diabetic. I have always had fasting blood sugars in the 100-120's. I was even tested for diabetes when I was in high school.

None suggested putting me on oral medications until I was truly diabetic. In fact, because of the cardio vascular deaths of my father and his parents, I was put on statins a full year before the diabetes was addressed.

That physician clearly stated I was borderline at that point and that he wanted the lipids stabilized before he addressed the diabetes.

And in fact, I was still considered borderline until the day that diabetes was diagnosed.

One theory everyone has in my case, is that the diagnosis process is what destroyed my pancreas, and that I was borderline up until the day of my glucose tolerance test.

But here's the deal -- I have never drunk drinks with sugar in them. In high school I started on Tabs. I always drank unsweetened tea (can't stand the stuff, etc). I have never cared for sweet drinks. For one, I would get loggy after drinking one (remember, I have decided I am glucose sensitive). I have never been a huge sugar eater.

Our theory is that when I was put through the glucose tolerance test, my system failed, not able to cope with that much sugar in my system. I went from a fasting blood sugar of 120 the week before, to a fasting blood sugar of 400 the next week! I also had an immediate change in health and well being. I was literally sicker than a dog.

Also the oral medication didn't do much for me. Of course, going from pre-diabetic to diabetic in the space of 3 hours is going to be much harder on your system than someone who gradually became diabetic.