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Blood glucose monitors may be off
Good news!

On vial 2

I'm not real happy with this insulin at this point, but I AM a guinea pig, and I'm not real sure it is a problem.

BUT I've had to up my carb ratios from 10-1 to 8-1 and from 9-1 to 7-1. I've also had to up my correction factor from 32 to 26.

I've also had to increase all my basal rates by .1 units.

That all means I'm taking more insulin. Like I said though, I'm not sure it is a problem, since I'm comparing Apples to Oranges. In other words, the reason that this insulin takes more insulin, is that it is not quite as effective as Novolog.

Note: don't take this gospel, your mileage may indeed vary, but it does show that all insulins are not quite equal.

It does seem to work faster in the long run though, which I think is a good thing.

Other good things: Sites last much longer. A good thing, since I am sending more insulin through the site.