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The Diabetes debate
Food lowering blood sugar?

Diabetes: Two Diseases in One - Type 2 Stereotypes

I agree with Tekakwitha that the Type 2 stereotypes don't help much.

The sad part, is that the people who need the most help with their diabetes, are the people who are stimatized by the sedentary and overweight label.

I "fit" that label myself. I've posted before I get real irritated when someone suggests that I exercise. I do. I have a home gym with a treadmill and weights and I work out 6 days a week. I run dog agility. I am still over 250 pounds.


Well, one problem is that I've had weight problems since I was in a car accident in college that broke my jaw. I've had sleep apnea ever since.

At diagnosis, I had had the sleep apnea for 15 years. I was sleeping 4-6 hours a night and exhausted all the time. I was actually falling asleep driving in Dallas freeway traffic.

When I was first treated for the sleep apnea I lost 100 pounds without trying. I was able to exercise every day, and almost enjoy it.

The moral of this: I'm not always convinced that the weight problem is the root of the problem. Certainly in my case, when I have everything right medically, I have no problem with weight loss.

Right now, not everything is right.