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Things I like about my IR1250

What I like about the IR1250

It's light. I've worn it now getting close to a day, and it is really much smaller and must lighter than the IR1000 was. I honestly don't feel it. It also takes up less room and shouldn't be as noticeable.

I like the ezBG feature. That's one feature they added on the IR1200 that I really really wanted, and even more so lately as my blood sugar has been a bit elevated. Food has been a bit out of control, and I have a favorite that I can't figure out how much to bolus for.

The food database on board is very easy to use, but I don't think they could make it easier. The backlight isn't very bright. I am sure that is to preserve battery power.

Overall it is definately an improvement.

I like the fact that it uses a AA Lithium battery. You can put a non Lithium in it but will not have as good battery life. I also like that they have a battery indicator on the main screen. The IR1000 didn't have that.