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Fortunately this coworker is a friend ...

I was whining about the sleeping thing after school, and she asked if I exercised ... Well, just last night when I was listing the good things, I couldn't remember the last time I didn't do my iShape cardio workout -- I even arranged them during the week of the trip from H*ll. (or was to and back).

ARGH! And in fact, as tired as I was this evening, I did 45 minutes (split in 4 sections and done in 1 1/2 hours -- hey, it's STILL 45 minutes).

When you look at someone don't make assumptions. Just because they are heavier it doesn't mean they don't exercise.


It isn't going well. Monday night I did Ambien and slept all night but as usual woke up groggy. Got through the day okay -- the good side effect of the antibotic, is that nothing really tastes right, even water. I've got this lovely metallic taste in my mouth.

The good news, is that the gum infection seems better. (Don't worry, I'll take all the nasty things).

HOWEVER, the Ambien apparently rebounded on me last night, as I couldn't shut down. I made it to work, but I'm still not sure it was worth it. I couldn't solve any of the AP problems correctly the first time.

I'm going to try sleep aid free again tomight.

List of good things

Since I feel like I am whining a lot lately, and I always get negative when I'm having trouble sleeping. (And darn, I've done everything right tonight).

Here's what I've accomplished lately.

I've managed all of the cardio work outs scheduled by iShape for months. Seriously. I don't know when I've skipped a cardio that I didn't make up.
I've only missed about 2 strength workouts and those two were because of the weekend from hell.
My blood sugar has been under control. It's running a bit higher than I like, but with the new pump, I've done that on purpose. The good news is that I am not having massive swings anymore.

Abbott -- Therasense -- Freestyle

The Freestyle folks have some very nice updated software on their website. It's a downloadable version of Copilot. It has a Java look and feel (most of the windows seem Java API like -- don't worry, that was geek talk).

The graphs are very readable, and it allows you to merge records from several different meters and produce a report. You can also import data from the Cozmonitor program. If I can figure out how to create exported data from Ezmanager without too much brain power, I might because the EzManager reports can be difficult to read.

Might be a good summer project.

Anyway, website is follow the CoPilot links.

Yeah, can't sleep either.

Oh, man, I want to play!

Paintball Tournament to Raise Funds for Diabetes Research - The Diabetes Weblog -

Of course, I'd be massively disappointed, because the only times I've played Paint Ball, I've done it right.

You haven't lived until you have played Police K9 Paintball.

Yeah, you heard it.

In another life, I trained police dogs as a hobby. Hey, if you are going to have a hobby have an extreme hobby.

So here's how we played paint ball. We'd set up a "true" police scenerio -- one was in a park with bad guys that needed to be found, and one was in a building with lost bad guys.

Only one time when I played, they broke one of the rules, and hit my dog (she was a GSD, not a little beagle). Getting the paint out of her fur wasn't a problem, but since I'd got hitten in the chest the game before and was bruised for over a week, I'm sure it didn't feel good. I can't remember what we did to get "even" with that bad guy, I am sure it was mean.