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February 2005

Tooth Problems

I'm going back to the dentist on Wednesday. He's been keeping an eye on a bottom tooth, and it just started screaming at me this weekend. I don't know if that's why I choose the wrong foods last night, or if the wrong food aggravated it, but I'm glad I'm getting it fixed before we go off to Monte Carlo.

By the way, that's in 1 week and 5 days. I'm not counting or anything yet.

New pump

I have heard from several people on the insulin pumper's list that their 1250's have arrived, so Animas is definately shipping.

Also emailed the guy I ordered from and he said it was still on, but email tomorrow to verify (and I hope get a tracking number).

I'm very VERY excited, as the new pump has the alarm features I'm wanting -- mainly the capability to alarm after a meal.

So, in less than 2 days I should be wearing it.

New Pump

It's happening! Called Animas, and yes, the letter I got Saturday was the letter we were looking for.

I'm set for a March 2 delivery, and this trip, it's going to cost around $83.00 because it is covered by the insurance.

I've ordered a Black pump. I'm very excited about the new features, especially the food database on board.

I suspect I'll be better about recording everything now, since the pump does the work.

I almost forgot...

Ran into a lady I've met at insulin user groups meetings before at the doctor's office. She's waiting for the 1250, and currently has a 1200 as a loaner. She's expecting to receive her 1250 on March 1.

Interesting, she has the same first name, is retired from the same school district, but I think she's Type 1 and has had diabetes for a while. Not sure.

Endo visit

I'm not sure what I expected, as my numbers have been almost perfect, and I know why and when I've gotten weird blood sugar readings ...

Endo's visit went well. A1C is back to 6.2, which is SUPER! I've been exercising well, and most of the time have been able to control my food intake.

Basically we're just working on my losing weight. I was disappointed to show only a 1 pound weight loss on their scales, but last time I went earlire in the day and had not eaten anything.

So I'm scheduled again in about 6 months -- I set it up so it should be the week before school starts.