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January 2005

It really is paying off!

I just finished two agility runs and wasn't completely out of breath!

I'm even down another half a pound.

Some of the best things is that I am not noticing gastric reflux symthoms as much. Mostly chest pains, but nothing bad. I haven't woken up in the middle of the night especially.

From my Treo

Working out is finally paying off

I took TWO dogs today to an agility trial today, and I think the workouts are finally paying off.

Marcie and I haven't tried Excellent since the beginning of December, and I found that both courses were much easier to run. She didn't qualify but the OTHER dog did.

Maggie's courses were a piece of cake and I was even able to keep up with her -- or was she keeping up with me like her sister does? Novice is MUCH easier than Excellent.

New Pump

Animas is taking orders for the new pump. I like the new features, the IR1200 features were not enough to get me to risk $6000 of my own money but we're coming close on the 1250. I really like have the carb calculations on the pump.

However, the insurance company might not pay for the pump, leaving me with paying for another one out of pocket, and I'd rather not do that this year. We're going to spend a lot of money going to Monte Carlo.

The good news, is that I can buy a new pump any time, but changing my mind once I commit is harder.

Fresh Start Challenge - Wednesday

Clean Eating 6/25 -- birthday cake for coworker didn't help
Cardio Session 9/35
Strength Session 8/28

One thing I've found through my log books, etc. is that the strength sessions do more to pull my blood sugar levels down long term than just about anything I do. Cardio helps short term, and don't I know it. I went from 50 minute sessions per iShape to 20, and from 6 a week to 4 and man am I seeing higher blood sugars -- not bad just higher - and using more insulin.

"The Numbers"

Since the second person asked -- first, I think starting later on today I'll expand the entry abit, and I did post when I started it ...

It's something that one of the iShape members came up with, and it's called a Challenge.

CE = Clean Eating
CS = Cardio Session
SS = Strength Session

Over a fixed period, I think we're doing 6 weeks right now, we pick the number of days we'll do each. That's the second number.

The first number is where we are now.

So if you do a cardio session on a day, you add to the first number.

It's a head game, but one I'm finding works for me.