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The mask helped...

Blood sugar is virtually the same as yesterday morning, so that's not it.

But I definately had a better nights sleep last night and was able to wake up early.  Still didn't get on the treadmill any faster, but once on, I think it was better.  I actually considered doing the 20 minutes iShape suggested, rather than the 2 sets of 15, but I think I'm better off at that.  Even considered strength exercises, but I do have a site change today.

I'm dropping basal rates again and doing the glucowatch again today.  And the weight is going down, not up.



When I had my carpel tunnel surgery last year not only was I careful to make sure that the Anesthesiology knew I had sleep apena, I also told him HOW I have it.

I really think that knowing that the patient goes into REM sleep and then within 5 minutes stops breathing might be a good thing to know. But gee, I'm just the patient. I also think dentists need to know this as I tend to go to sleep in the chair in between procedings.

Ivanhoe's Medical Breakthroughs - Sleep Apnea Linked to Anesthesia Risks

I love my Treo!

While I REALLY want a Treo 650 -- I'll probably skip that number and wait for the one after.

But I live and die by my Treo. I have EzManager by Animas installed, TakePhone -- mostly save on phone bills since my long distance is not completely free, 2Day, Today+ and Snappermail. Also have a few games, music, etc.

Here's how my day goes -- I check my Treo, because it tells me when I need to change my site (through ToDo and 2Day). I warn myself the day before, and have a note to do it.

Whenever I eat, I enter my food and let EzManager calculate my insulin. I also have Butler setup to remind me to check my blood sugar 2 hours after I usually eat breakfast and 2 hours after our lunch.

I also enter my blood sugar when it is too high so I can get a correction. I do wish it would do an Insulin on Board Correction, but maybe someday. I should also sit down and figure out how to do that myself.

I use Snappermail and the web interface to take brief breaks from the real world to check email and what is happening on the web.

I've even gone so far as so get a portable keyboard and I use it to take notes.

And yes, I use the phone ... it is SO nice to have it all in one package, wish it would actually DO a blood sugar test.

Wireless-Doc (the Weblog)

Things are better...

I managed to get a new CPAP mask during my planning period today.  I'm hoping that solves the sleeping problem.

I ended up spending the evening help another teacher install software, so I didn't get to dinner until 8:00 pm, so that might be a problem.

The glucowatch did well, showing trends, and was close to the meter sometimes -- again, the secret seems to be using forearm testing rather than finger sticks.  I'm not sure they studied that, since they sure don't recommend it, BUT it's working for me.

Breaking up cardio into two sessions is working.  It doesn't affect the blood sugar as dramatically, but I'm planning to increase the sessions as the weeks go by.  As it is, I've done 30 minutes in two 15 minutes sets Monday thru Wednesday.

Keep fingers crossed!


A little bit of everything

Good news:  I've managed to get up and walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes every morning, and I've managed it again when I got home from school.

Blood sugar is elevated, probably because my TDD (total daily dose) of insulin is elevated.  I've adjusted my basals and have the glucowatch on.

Sleep is an issue right now, and I'm hoping that getting a new mask will help.  I'm tired all day, hurt all over, and even Bextra isn't helping much, nor is any of the pain pills that I have for tooth pain etc.  (I haven't tried both in the same day).  Then I don't feel like going to bed, and waking up is painful too. 

As a result, food is an issue.  I working on better choices and portion control. 

I'm focusing on not eating in the evening, before I go to bed.   So I don't think reflux is an issue.

Frankly, I'm just miserable about the whole thing, though I am keeping my weight down.  I'm within 5 pounds of the CDE weight, and under 10 pounds of my latest lowest.

Biggest Loser

This is the saddest excuse of a show I've EVER seen.

They encourage extremely unhealthy weight loss in the first place.  The exercise is unsustainable, as are the "diets".  It's mentally and physically unhealthy.

What got me the most, was the personal trainer who wouldn't let her team sleep.  Anyone with any amount of knowledge about physiology would know that putting the body in extreme stress makes it want to hang onto weight, not lose it.  Not sleeping would put these people over the edge.

Very sad.