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August 2004

A comment.

I got an angry note last night from a reader, which I deleted, but then responded privately. I hope the reader reply to my email again, because I think it's someone who needs some help.

The reader was frustrated because I whined about having a slightly higher elevated blood sugar, and because I saw my endo about it.

I know that I am lucky and that I've made some good choices. Teacher pay is lousy but our benefits are pretty good.

I'm on 6 different medications a day, plus insulin and test strips. I haven't figured out exactly, but I will ball park that at around $150 a month. No that's not bad.

I see several specialists on a regular basis. A sleep doctor about every 3 months now, and the endo, about every 6 months. Right now I am seeing his CDE for diet and weight loss support every month, but may go to every other after November. I used to get allergy shots and saw an allergy doctor on a regular basis, but am taking a break from that.

And don't forget the pump supplies. Those run around $150-200 a month, but the insurance pays 95% of the covered part.

I do use our Flexible Spending account to pay all of the above I can with pre-Tax dollars.

So my diabetes care isn't cheap and does take some personal sacriface. This summer when I was frustrated with my job, I didn't go look for another one, because I knew the benefits wouldn't be as good.

However, I am not whining, just stating facts. And I don't know what I would do if we did lose the insurance.

I know my husband has never been unhappy with the sacriface we've made so I could have the pump.

Dog Agility

Finally both the big dog and I managed to run an Excellent course successfully. I think one of our issues is that she isn't used to me being able to run.

It was even the hardest type course for us, jumpers with weaves. We had a clean run under time and took first.

So why am I losing weight now?

I really wish I understood it, because I don't want it to end.

For about 4 years, I alternated struggling to exercise every day, and struggling to eat correctly everyday and just couldn't do it. Now, most of the time it isn't a problem.

Yeah, I had trouble with doing any cardio on Monday and today. I'd opened up a blister on the back of my foot this weekend, and while I taped it up and was able to walk on Sunday, I just couldn't get up and do that the last two mornings.

I am confident I can tomorrow morning.

I'm actually having trouble getting enough to eat during the school days, just don't have time. Plus I'm really burning it off, running errands and taking care of stuff.

The biggest contributer though, I think is that I have all my health problems under control. While I'm getting heart burn pain, it isn't waking me up at night like it was. I'm sleeping most of the night, and not having trouble waking up through out the night, and most nights can even go to bed on time.

It's good. Very good.

So why do I work so hard?

Today is one reason. My blood sugar was fairly stable today. It was 180 post pranial (2 hours after meal), and I'm not sure if that was calculations, or what, but it certainly was better than last year at this time.

I will admit that last Monday-Wednesday, I went home and went to bed for at least an hours nap. But that's pretty normal for most teachers. I've spent the summer doing summer teacher things, and they certainly aren't as stressful nor do they take as much energy.

But tonight, I came home late after helping a new teacher, and needed dinner, but gee, it after 5:30 pm! and I had not eaten since 1:00 pm.

But today went well. I wasn't too exhausted to deal with any students, though I admit I've paced myself a bit, and made sure that I wasn't spending the WHOLE class period, all 6, on my feet helping students. I've got good assignments, occupying students most of the class period. Plus most of them can logon by themselves now, though I am getting a few new students each class period.

Also don't feel the need to nap. So all and all, I've doing much better than this time last year. In fact, I'm about to go out and do a few errands.

Olympics Dispatch III

Olympics Dispatch III: Victorious

My husband doesn't GET why I care about this, but I do. Of course, he isn't a diabetic, he isn't fanatical about having as good as blood sugar as possible, and doesn't understand how hard it is.

It is SO cool that this doctor cares so much.

Sometimes I feel like the little kid in first grade when I'm interacting with my doctors, trying not to be on their nerves and trying hard to have the best blood sugar possible.

Athens Airport, 5:00 AM, Saturday, August 21, 2004 -- Gary won the gold. Unbelievable. He did it. He did it for himself, his family and friends, and for all people with diabetes. He says he'll give his gold medal to the person who finds the cure. I hope he has to give it away soon. But for now he inspires; he inspires me and all of the people in the world who live every day with the disease that is diabetes.

Still looking

I am still looking for Type 2 diabetes to participate in a research study.

This is the information from the researcher:

Several months ago we had exchanged email concerning this research
project that I am doing with diabetes. We have evaluated 4 groups of
physicians - housestaff, internal medicine faculty, endocrinologists,
and private primary care physicians. They each performed a series of
pairwise comparisons assessing the relative importance of 4 indicators
of diabetes management.

While we hope to make the task a bit more complex in the near future, we
would first like to compare our physician results with a group of
patients. We are looking for type II diabetics who have computer
literacy. If you could assemble a group of 10 or so, we would be very
grateful. We believe that patients may have different priorities than
physicians, and want to test that hypothesis.

Recruiting Type 2 Diabetics!

I'm looking for 8 diabetics who are Type 2 and are computer savvy for a study for a doctor.

If you would like to participate, please send me your email address. Send it to kathleenw at gmail . com (spaces inserted on purpose) with the subject line: Diabetic Study and I'll add you to the list.