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Before and After

I decided to move my teacher ID to last year's lanyard, and noticed something really neat between the two pictures. A friend looked and noticed the same thing ...

Thursday is my pump anniversary -- it will be 52 weeks then -- but the calendar anniversary was yesterday. So what has changed?

Last's year ID picture was taken one week before I got my pump. They took this year's last week. If you look at the two pictures, I am definately more tired, my face is fatter as is my neck, and my hair is actually grayer LAST year. You'd really think that they had been reversed. I actually look younger in this year's ID badge.

I know I feel better this week than I did last week at this time. I also know that my blood sugar is definately lower, I've been going between 110 and 190 the last two days.

I definately think the pump was worth it.