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This promises to be good.

Around 30 pounds are gone

And they have been gone for 3 days.

I've probably lost around 3 pounds this week, I'll know for sure tomorrow. It's been pretty interesting from a diabetic logic point of view.

Monday-Wednesday was technically staff development days, but my department finished their tasks on Tuesday. We're not core curriculum, our subject areas are covered by the state tests and we don't have to meet "No Child Left Behind" requirements -- yet. We just have to agree to assist.

I had trouble keeping my blood sugar at a reasonable level. 4 hours after every meal, my blood sugar was in the 180-200 range.

Thursday, I had to find a teacher whose room is on the opposite side of the building and I had to install software. It took about 6 trips to get it done, but I did it but every since then, my blood sugar was in the 110-130 range after meals.

Last night, went out with the husband, we ate dinner, went mall walking then a movie. We had walked about 1 leg of the mall when I started feeling funny, stopped and blood sugar was at 90. This was less than 30 minutes after eating, and I had been extremely conservative with insulin. So I ate a lifesaver, and then looked for "good carbs". Found a snickerdoodle cookie at a cookie vendor, which believe me is almost pure sugar, and ate it.

30 minutes later the blood sugar was 96, but we were still walking, just real slow.

Ate some popcorn at the therater and again bolus very convervatively and after the movie blood sugar was at 180.

Woke up and I was at 106, so I didn't do badly at all.

I'm going to watch extremely closely, and I am going to up my carb ratio to 1:13 and leave that way.

I am debating if I should change the basals on Monday -- I've been "sanctioned" to do so by my endo.