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Needle Phobia

My needle phobia is well earned. This incident is also the start of my medical problems.

Back when I was in college, I was very physically active, and especially did a lot of bike riding. In fact, since gas prices were so high, I drove almost to campus, parked at a friend's apartment complex and rode to campus on my bike. When I was done from classes for the day, I'd go back and tutor him. It worked out well ...

Until one day when I rode all the way back to the apartment. I was having problems with the car, so I'd left it where it was and took my bike home. I was the night and weekend manager of the complex, and one of our groundskeeper hit me with his car. I went through his windshield and fell face first into gravel.

I almost lost my eye, and broke the edge of my jaw, though no one knew it until a few years later when I started having ear problems.

Anyway, I had to have about 20 stiches in my face, mostly around the eye area, and so not only couldn't have I have much in the way of general anesthisia, but had to keep my eyes open while they stitched.

As a result, needles really bug me, especially the ones coming out of me, going in doesn't seem to bother me as much.

You'd think after two years of diabetes and the associated needles I'd be over it, but I'm not. I just tolerate them.

And yes, insulin was MY idea.