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July 2004

Inset experiences

Well, I was afraid of this -- I think the adhesive to plastic ratio is a bit too small on the inset. But we'll see. This is one reason I feel that you have to try a whole box before you can determine if you like an infusion set or not.

I was loading a new laptop bag -- I really like this one, because it has a seperate carrier for the laptop. But that's another story.

Anyway, I pulled the set off, bending over. So I got to put the new set in. I was able to do it by glancing at the instructions, though the procedure is a bit time consuming.

I hope they come out with a tubeless version by the way, as I just threw away some perfect good unused tubing.

Good mammogram experience

I was REALLY dreading having my mammogram done. I've been going to the same place which is close to the house (RHD Medical Center, which should really be called Robert H. Dedman Hospital and was for YEARS), and it was a real pain.

You'd call, make an appointment and they wouldn't be available for months, and it would take up most of an afternoon.

Not this trip. Though its start out frustrating. The doctor doesn't have the right number for scheduling, and had to call the number he had twice before I got an answer and they gave me a number that didn't answer at all after two calls. I called the main hospital number and they did verify the second number. That trip, I got someone on the first ring.

AND they were able to schedule me the next day, for this morning.

My appointment was for 9:30, and was told to arrive 30 minutes early for paperwork. I went through express check in -- which wasn't available before and sent right to Radiology (that was true), waiting only minutes, and was in and out. Arrived back at the car at 9:30.

Can't beat that service and it wasn't even painful -- I remember it being painful before.

I stopped and told registration how pleased I was life was better.

Needle Phobia

My needle phobia is well earned. This incident is also the start of my medical problems.

Back when I was in college, I was very physically active, and especially did a lot of bike riding. In fact, since gas prices were so high, I drove almost to campus, parked at a friend's apartment complex and rode to campus on my bike. When I was done from classes for the day, I'd go back and tutor him. It worked out well ...

Until one day when I rode all the way back to the apartment. I was having problems with the car, so I'd left it where it was and took my bike home. I was the night and weekend manager of the complex, and one of our groundskeeper hit me with his car. I went through his windshield and fell face first into gravel.

I almost lost my eye, and broke the edge of my jaw, though no one knew it until a few years later when I started having ear problems.

Anyway, I had to have about 20 stiches in my face, mostly around the eye area, and so not only couldn't have I have much in the way of general anesthisia, but had to keep my eyes open while they stitched.

As a result, needles really bug me, especially the ones coming out of me, going in doesn't seem to bother me as much.

You'd think after two years of diabetes and the associated needles I'd be over it, but I'm not. I just tolerate them.

And yes, insulin was MY idea.

Inset Insertion Device

I'm trying the Unomedical Inset infusion set today. Animas is sending them out to their users.

I like it. It comes in a small tub, and has a built in inserter. This is the first inserter I've used, and I find the whole experience better. I have needle phobia -- well earned -- and removing the needle always makes me squirm more than putting it in. Weird, but like I said -- I earned it.

We'll see how delivery goes and how the second one goes. I'm concerned because like the Simple Choice set, the plastic part of the set seems to be raised and easier to catch on things than the Comfort is.

More good news...

I am making some progress on the weight loss thing.

Monday I went to a lingerie shop and am wearing a bra size smaller. Good hint: I go to a very old fashioned store, they specialize in medical applications and do their own alterations.

They put a small little pocket in each bra to hold my pump, which improves things a lot. Dresses and shirts don't ride as high, etc.

Well, I picked up the new bras today, and dropped off the old, and probably for about $25.00 they will alter each of them so they are the new size. MUCH cheaper than buying new. I figure each bra can probably be altered twice, but I might be wrong.

Also went clothing shopping today, and brought home a skirt that fits and is two sizes smaller than I was wearing at the end of the school year, and I suspect those clothes were actually too big.

It's hard to tell, since most of the clothing I wear is "multi-sized". It does last longer as you lose weight, and hopefully looks good as long.

And I have a good exercise program going -- I haven't missed a workout all summer, though I have rearranged some. I didn't even miss during the one week workhshop.

I've set my alarm clocks and going to try to start out on the schedule starting tomorrow.

Summer is almost over

I report a week from Monday, and have a few doctor's appointments and other things I need to do to be ready.

The good news, is that my blood sugar was much more stable this summer than last. I'm coming up on my 1 month pump aniversary, it's about two weeks away. I only napped a few days, and those are days that for some reason I just couldn't sleep. Last summer, I ended up napping almost every day, I'm sure from an elevated blood sugar.

Tomorrow is my gynecologist appointment. I'll get a depo shot -- speaking of which, it's interesting because I've seen where it is not indicated for diabetes and I've seen where it is.

Frankly it works for me. Before depo (and I've been on it over 10 years), I had very painful cycles, and problems with mood swings. Also problems with acne. Now, about a week before my shot is due I break out -- which is a good reminder. I don't notice an elevated blood sugar after the shot, but sure did after a cortsone shot.

I suspect a pound or two of my weight and a bit of insulin resistance might be caused by the shots, but the benefits outweight the disadvantages.

Especially since I'm getting that "age", they tell me I won't even know when I go into menopause, which will be nice.

Is FDA apprvoval enough?

DB's Medical Rants ? Is FDA approval enough? As a user of both drugs and medical devices, I believe that FDA approval is enough. I personally am appalled at the number of lawsuits and amount of money that has been award people. I've even taken at least one of the drugs that people have won money for, and didn't "sign" up for the suit. I also figure one of the reasons the price tag is so high on these items is the legal costs. I think it will be a win - win all around. OF course, all bets are off if the item is prescribed off-label.