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School's Out!

I signed out yesterday and am now out for the summer.

For those who are wondering, it isn't a complete vacation for me. I have about two weeks worth of staff development and most of that is scheduled for June. I did that on purpose. Get it over with.

I am also writing a test for the district, and that's about 40 hours of work. I also plan to get as much of that done early as possible, but that depends on my partner's schedule. In fact, I really want to get the first draft in by the 15th.

I'm going to do some dog agility, have one trial scheduled already.
I'm also taking one course towards my Master's.

Last summer, I had serious control issues. Part of it was the schedule. For example, today, I slept in, but did get up and work out by and got all that done by 10:00.

On staff development days, I'll have to be up and out earlier. Plus those are sit in one place days, and can be very stressful, since we're often covering new material -- some material that we DON'T want to cover.

But I have the tools now, I think to manage things better.