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Insulin usage decreasing

As I predicted the other day, my insulin usage is really dropping. I'm consistently under 50 units a day this week. I am using the 1800 and 500 rule for calculating corrections and boluses.

What you do is you divide your average usage by 1800 and 500. So, of course, the less you use, the less you need.

I'm down to a 10 carb unit to insulin unit, and correction of around 38 blood sugar units to insulin unit. And of course, as those go down, total usage goes down. Actually my program says 11 carbs to 1, but I've only been on the 10 carb to one for two days, and that's working okay. I don't want to go on the high side.

You do too many corrections, and you end up roller coastering. Yesterday I stayed between 110 and 150 all day, except for two hours after breakfast, and that one was definately a wild ass guess.

Weight is going down too, but man is it slow. Something like .5 pound per week. Part of that is my choice as I don't want to go much under 600 calories a day under what I burn. In fact, this weekend is hard for me because I'm not doing any extra exercise -- we're doing the dog agility thing, and that would just be too much pressure.