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Dog Agility

Speaking of dog agility ... (and I lied, I ended up walking 60 minutes today because I wanted to eat more).

We placed every run we finished. This afternoon we waited around too long, and it was too hot, and I decided to end the run in the middle. She's a mostly black dog, and being a drug dog handler for a long time, you just don't do anything to spoil the dog's mood. Or at least I work that way.

So we took 1 1st pace, 2 2nd places, and a 4th place. I'm running easier, actually breathing once in a while, and was in front of her a few times. Mostly because I was short cutting and because she was hot, and has to run in a fur coat. She's a beagle, mostly black as I said early, and experience shows that they get hot fast.

But working out and losing weight is paying off, even if it is taking forever.

Bariatrics Surgery Successful Last Resort

Bariatrics Surgery Successful Last Resort

6:14 p.m. CDT May 28, 2004 - Holly Wilbur now leads a different life from the one of just five months ago. A life-altering surgery reduced the size of her stomach and allowed Wilbur to lose about 60 pounds since undergoing the procedure.

Wilbur, 19, said she started gaining excess weight at an early age.

Funny, but I just told someone I was 44 and felt I was too young to make a drastic change to my body.

Actually the biggest objection I have for this article, is that it feels like a commercial for the doctor. Of course, the whole situation is very sad.

Insulin usage decreasing

As I predicted the other day, my insulin usage is really dropping. I'm consistently under 50 units a day this week. I am using the 1800 and 500 rule for calculating corrections and boluses.

What you do is you divide your average usage by 1800 and 500. So, of course, the less you use, the less you need.

I'm down to a 10 carb unit to insulin unit, and correction of around 38 blood sugar units to insulin unit. And of course, as those go down, total usage goes down. Actually my program says 11 carbs to 1, but I've only been on the 10 carb to one for two days, and that's working okay. I don't want to go on the high side.

You do too many corrections, and you end up roller coastering. Yesterday I stayed between 110 and 150 all day, except for two hours after breakfast, and that one was definately a wild ass guess.

Weight is going down too, but man is it slow. Something like .5 pound per week. Part of that is my choice as I don't want to go much under 600 calories a day under what I burn. In fact, this weekend is hard for me because I'm not doing any extra exercise -- we're doing the dog agility thing, and that would just be too much pressure.

School's Out!

I signed out yesterday and am now out for the summer.

For those who are wondering, it isn't a complete vacation for me. I have about two weeks worth of staff development and most of that is scheduled for June. I did that on purpose. Get it over with.

I am also writing a test for the district, and that's about 40 hours of work. I also plan to get as much of that done early as possible, but that depends on my partner's schedule. In fact, I really want to get the first draft in by the 15th.

I'm going to do some dog agility, have one trial scheduled already.
I'm also taking one course towards my Master's.

Last summer, I had serious control issues. Part of it was the schedule. For example, today, I slept in, but did get up and work out by and got all that done by 10:00.

On staff development days, I'll have to be up and out earlier. Plus those are sit in one place days, and can be very stressful, since we're often covering new material -- some material that we DON'T want to cover.

But I have the tools now, I think to manage things better.

Medical ID

I have stopped wearing my medical ID because it is UGLY. I did find someone at who makes pretty medical jewerly and ordered some.

By the way, you go to a different company to order the engraved medical parts, they ship to Beadin Beagle, and she makes them. Mine are all detachable, because I will probably order other styles.

The bracelet is here:

and the necklace is here:

Restless Leg Syndrome

The New York Times > Health > Restless Legs: Uncomfortable and Overlooked

I'm told that this is one of my sleep issues. I am wondering more and more if this is being overlooked.

I told the sleep doctor last time that I see no difference in my sleep whether or not I take Mirapex.

Unfortunately my husband has never observed the restless leg--he doesn't sleep with me, he hasn't seen it when he comes by my room when I'm asleep.

I'm wondering if it all means that the Mirapex isn't working.

A User Perspective on Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (CSII) Therapy

A User Perspective on Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (CSII) Therapy

For this patient, clinical benefits of CSII are complemented by quality-of-life benefits. CSII allows her to eat, exercise, work, and socialise similarly to non-diabetic peers, mitigating psychosocial impacts of insulin dependence. Tailoring insulin dosage more precisely to meet insulin requirement has allowed her to pursue educational and personal goals while maintaining a healthy weight and an optimal HbA1C,
without severe hypoglycaemia or diabetic ketoacidosis.