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Medco is still showing the order cancelled, but I am figured they didn't get it until late in the day and won't hollar at humans until the end of the day on Monday.

A hint: any medication you REALLY REALLY need, and you are mail ordering? Make sure you have at least a month overlap. They tell you that in the documentation. They say always get a 1 month script and a 90 day script at the same time. You don't want to run out! And they don't seem to care if you might.


iShape is working out well. I signed up yesterday and it became live today. Entering my Diet Gourmet food was very easy. I like the way it tracks everything.

No person is intimately involved in your workouts -- but then I haven't had that at all since I started working with the local online personal trainer. A few nags about a food diary that does not work, and that's about it.

Okay, he did tell me what weights to buy.

But the workouts aren't flexible at all. iShapes are. You can move the iShape workout to a different day, you can change to a different exercise, etc.

Live and learn!

If you are interested in iShape, they do have a referral program. Please email me at kathleen_w-weblog8301 at and I will "set you up". That will give me a free month.

Man, they are finally "getting it"!

code: theWebSocket; - A weblog of Al Hawkins, RN

A year-long intensive glucose management protocol using a blood glucose goal of less than 140 mg/dL at a mixed medical-surgical intensive care unit (ICU) resulted in a 6% absolute reduction in in-hospital mortality — a 29% relative risk reduction, according to results reported here at the 33rd Critical Care Congress, the annual meeting of the Society of Critical Care Medicine.

One of the more common things to discuss on the insulin pumper logs is how to manage blood sugar during surgical procedures. This article is definately worth registrating, printing and keeping if you have to go to the hospital.

Good News!

Apparently the paperwork was in processing, as the computer system now says my Zyrtec was approved.

The online system still says the prescription was cancelled, but since we're talking about a matter of hours.

I do like that we can harrass computers these days rather than having to deal with people.

Game Playing

Managed Care SUCKS!

About a week ago, I sent off a set of prescriptions to Medco Health plan. If you look at my insurance plans fine print, they manage care some medications, in particular, allergy medications.

By the way, Zyrtec is $50 for 90 days with my plan. Claritin is $20.99 for 30 days from Guess what I want to do?

The doctor has to fill out an additional form, and if they don't fill it out right you don't get it.

They claim they haven't heard from the doctor yet.

They gave me an 1-800 and a case number to check on it.

Well, I tried the case number and the computer is claiming it has been denied.

Don't worry, we're not done yet.

Online Personal Trainer

I'm pretty disappointed with my online personal trainer. I asked him questions via email on Wednesday and didn't get a response.

So I'm trying Shape Magazine's IShape and will let everyone know how it goes.

Here's what I like about it so far -- signed up for it today. It lets you substitute exercises -- something that the personal trainer didn't seem up for. It lets you move workouts. Something else he couldn't deal with.

It tracks for the user alot better than his software did.

Prescription Games Reduex

Got a call from the doctor's office -- please send an email documenting why you are on Zrytec.


I know they are managing care this, but I'm a teacher. Sinus headache last night because I spent the day in another room's dust testing. Which reminds me, I'm going to request highly that I test my few 11th graders in my room for the next round rather than TAAS testing in the library. We had over 40 students test and that test died two years ago. So sad, but that's a different blog.

I could try the Claritin thing, but why should I pay $20.99 from for 30 days, when I am paying for insurance benefits that allow for $50.00 for a 90 day supply. And I AM paying $200.00 in insurance. Yeah, I use it too

Treadmill Update

Yep, I've managed to do at least 20 minutes on it every day I've gotten it. I've gotten in at 8:30 from a teacher workshop and STILL managed to do it.

So it was a wise decision.

I'm also going faster -- not bad for only having it two weeks, I've managed to increase my workout speed by .5 mph.

And today is it's 2 week anniversary!

Some other small accomplishments

I came very close to qualifying at both dog agility trials today. These were much longer courses than I've been used to, and the last course was the hardest as we were doing "Jumpers with Weaves". Unlike regular dog agility, there are no obstacles that require the dog to slow down, so it goes VERY VERY fast. In fact, we were almost qualifying until the very end, except we were moving a bit too slow.

I'm glad in a way it was a missed obstacle that NQed us, as its very disappointing to lose on time.

Also managed to increase my treadmill rate by .5 mph. It's easy for me to go faster, when I know I am only 20 minutes, and since it was a long day, I only had 20 minutes for doing the treadmill -- if I exercise too late, it's hard for me to sleep.

So far, I'm managed at least 20 minutes on the treadmill every day since I got it.