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What's it like to pump?
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What's it like to actually WEAR a pump?

You have to think before you get out of bed. It can get kinda of weird, because my CPAP hose will often be wrapped around my neck, and sometimes the pump gets wrapped in it too, especially when I have on a really long tube. (They come in different sizes, and I usually wear the shortest, but I've been having trouble with those sites).

So when you wake up, the first thing you do is locate everything.

Showering can be interesting, I do one of two things, hook the pump via the clip to my Diabetes necklace or disconnect.

When I get in the hot tub, I disconnect. Same thing at the gym for the shower/whirlpool, sauna, etc.

I usually wear it when I swim -- though swimming isn't likely for a few months.

I do wear mine in my bra, and am hoping to make it cross town to a lingerie place that does custom alterations to their bras and plan to get them to sew a pocket in my pump. I should see about getting a pocket sewn in all my bras, actually. That would make life easier and slightly less lumpy.

I find it gets bumped off less often if I wear it in my bra and that I get the site pulled off less often when it is there too.

Anyway, it's not bad, and better than injections.