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Yep, the new insurance is working!
What's it like to pump?

Pumping isn't a no brainer ...

... but it's still better than the alternatives.

Last night I started going to bed, did my nightly blood sugar test and was 234. Yeah, I'd had a headache and didn't feel well, but I ttributed it to the week from hell and being in two different school buildings. I am really allergic to dust and different buildings really get to me.

So site change time. Had to check periodically through the nice, but it was dropping nicely and was at 105 when I woke up.

I love my pump.

It took a LOT longer for my blood sugar to go down when I had a shot failure. However, those were usually from eating the wrong thing, not taking a shot, or just some weird system stuff.

And of course, medication didn't budge the blood sugar at all.

So yep, I still love my pump.