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January 2004


Got a call from Animas today. They had to talk to me about my insurance. I just KNEW they would tell me that I wasn't covered...

BUT, nope, they had to tell me the terms on my insurance policy and make sure I understood them before they shipped.

Should have them on Friday.

Told my mom, and she said -- and yeah, if you'd waited you might not be here today.

I don't think I was that bad, but still.... I've avoided at least 5 months of possible complications.


Several years ago I did VERY VERY well, going to the gym every morning. I've been good about going in the afternoon, but it's a drag, it takes up all my after school sunlight etc.

SO, yesterday I got up, went to the country club gym (that's the replacement for my old one). I was warned, but was a bit alarmed to see a large number of cars in the lot.

But there were enough treadmills that I could get in my 42.5 minutes.

However, there was a line for the shower! The good news is that I was the first in line. Then there was only one hair dryer downstairs and 4 of us. I keep trying to remember to take mine....

I still got out and got to school by 7:45. I like to get there before my tutoring kids come at 8:00.

Today, I made it again. In fact, made it a few minutes earlier. Not as many cars, but again plenty of treadmills. It was touch and go for a few minutes, but I still managed to do 42.5 minutes uninterrupted.

This time, no line for the shower, and I was the only one downstairs. One of my fellow teachers came down -- come to find out she teaches some classes at the club. Good news -- she figured out that I couldn't make it to her class and make it to school -- sorry, but I really don't like the group exercise thing.

Okay, here's the truth, every time I've done the group classes, I've cut down on the cardio and they just don't burn the same number of calories, and hers is a stretch class.

... The bad news, truck is in the shop, getting a repair on something that was fixed last October (2002).

Major pumping milestone!

Had an interesting day. Got up, checked blood sugar and it was 135. That's the highest it's been in the morning for a LONG time.
Checked site, things looked a bit red (change was due tomorrow). Didn't give it a lot of thought.

Went to the gym at 6:00 -- walked for 42.5 minutes, went through the shower, hot tub, etc. normal gym routine.

Since I had not eaten, I expected a dip in blood sugar. However, it was still 135. Thought that's weird.

Got to school, ate breakfast. Did a bolus, changed insulin as was almost out. Checked blood sugar two hours later and it was 205.

Huh, must be bad insulin, so I shot in 3 units of humalog (nasty stuff -- it itched! but I have tons of it in pen insulin). Check blood sugar a half an hour later, and was still at 205 -- well, it must not be the insulin.

Pulled off the site, put a new one on, checked the blood sugar 30 minutes later, and I'm down to 152.

The reason it is a milestone, is that I diagnosed and solved a problem without panicking and without requesting help, even from the insulin pumpers list!

That's also the first 200+ I've had in weeks.

I was a bit worried, as I was afraid I'd go back to having blood sugars in the 120-180 range, rather than the rather nice 90-140 range I've been seeing lately, but my BS went right back where it should -- around 90 at lunch and around 90 at dinner.

Vision Change

Interesting change -- I went to the eye doctor today and she said my astimigatism changed from 75% to 60% cylinder. Changing the contact DID help the vision.

And I'm now wearing a bifocal contact in one eye. It isn't bad. I've lost a lot of far vision to get good near vision, but I was corrected 20/15 for over 20 years. I think wearing these a few days will help a lot too.

Probably moving my monitor closer would be a good idea also.

FDA Weirdness

Someone in the diabetes network told me that a) the FDA isn't approving pumps with more than 200 unit cartridges anymore and b) the Humalog had finally been approved for the pump -- which a group of pump users are allergic to, me included.

I related this to my husband, who exploded -- and you have to know him, he rarely reacts strongly to anything. He response? How can they regulate insulin so strongly but keep ephedra on the shelves.

Yeah, I want to know too.

First, cartridges cost money, and yeah, I'll be reusing them. Second, changing insulin every day and a half is a pain. One of the reasons I have the pump I have, is that it is a 300 unit pump.

Also, I care about the humalog thing, because I'm afraid my insurance will try to push the Humalog issue. I'm sticking to state law, reminding the doctor endless I'm allergic to humalog, etc. Yeah, it's $80 every 90 days instead of $50, but the crap makes me itch! Even injecting in the site makes me itch.