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January 2004

Texas Department of Insurance

Good Site!

Agent, Consumer, Industry News from the Texas Department of Insurance

They have an online compliant form, which I've filed out and I've requested an Independent Review of the Pump Rejection.

I'd LOVE to have the pump covered -- the policy covered up to $3500 in durable equipment expenses, and I've spent less than $200. Especially since I've found out that the humidifer is a rental, not a purchase. Weird.

So the max I can get back on the pump is probably $3250 or so. It's still over half the cost of the pump.

I'll of course, be happy for the supplies alone, but I should get at least one of them.

And it's diffently been worth the full cost.

New Insurance seems to be working out!

So far, so good. I've been to my primary care physician twice. Once for update on scripts and blood tests, and once because I was having a crisis with my GERD and needed doctor's advice.

I've been to my podrist for a cortisone shot for heel spurs.

I've ordered 3 months of supplies from my pump company.

I've filled 3 prescriptions -- one on the way, two delivered.

So far, everything's been smooth, and no problems.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas PPO, through the State of Texas teacher's insurance program.

Managing Supplies -- Test Strips and the like

Be VERY careful on how you get your doctor to write your supplies. I swear my prescription says to test 8-10 times a day.

Medco has choosen to interpret this as test as many as 8 times a day and is sending me 7 boxes of 100 test strips. Instead of 9.

At least so far, they have not tried to get me or the doctor to change brands.

I check -- between January 1 and January 15, I had 129 entries in my log. That means I have been testing 8.6 times a day.

Typically I check when I wake up. Two hours after meal. If I am driving without eating or checking. Before and after exercise, and sometimes during if things aren't right -- I tend to go low exercising.

Yep, that's a lot of holes. Bring on the continuous blood sugar monitor device. PLEASE!

Interesting Diabetes Tracking Program

I was asked to look at this program.

I'll start out though by saying this is probably not a program I would use because I'm extremely efficient. I am not going to use a program that is not going to automatic download my pump and blood sugar meter data. That said, I did download this program and give it a try.

UTS Diabetes software for Palm pilot

The install program is very nice. It leads the users by the hand. Too many Palm programs have poorly designed installation programs.

The insulin calculations set up is very tedious but then that's something that you don't do often, and don't change much.

I also don't see how to calculate carbs / insulin rations.

It's got a very good user interface -- much better than EzManager.

A nice program, but not that useful for a pumper. Would be great for someone who used multiple daily injections and didn't carb count, or great for someone on medications.