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Yeah, this is why I am against it for me.
Medical problems for the obese

This article struck a nerve with me...

ACP Observer, November 2003 - Strategies to treat unexplained symptoms

My negative experiences with the medical establishment started when I was young. I have had explained pain when I was a child several different times.

The worst was painful periods. They were so bad, I would vomit and have diarrhea. The doctors I had during the period told my mother to ignore it, it was all in my head.

Oddly enough it wasn't until my 30's, I found a cure -- depo prevera -- and haven't had a period or a problem for over 10 years now.

I often put up with pain, much longer than I should, since I've been told in the past, it was in my head. Thus, I put off carpel tunnel treatment and was absolutely miserable for years. I"ve put on treatment for heel spurs for the same reason -- yeah, I've got them, feet hurt like heck, and I am having trouble exercising as a result.

I'm vowing to get pain treated sooner these days.