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DB's Medical Rants

I still don't think he is getting it Though he is working on it.

I'm not cinvinced its genetics either. I think the problems behind morbid obesity are STILL undiagnosed or untreated medical issues that the doctors are missing due to their prejudices.

I've been going through a period of stress, worried about my husband, and I've stopped sleeping. As a result of the not sleeping, I'm finding it almost impossible to go to the gym and am eating more because I'm trying to stay awake.

Now that I am feeling better about his situation, I'm sleeping better, and feel the other issues will resolve again.

Fifth Week Anniversary

Yeah! It's the fifth week anniversary of my pump!

I would not have survived my husband's medical ordeal without it. Oh, that's not over yet. But at least the first (and hopefully only) surgery is over.

I would not have survived my mother helping my husband while I was at a teacher worhshop without it.

I would not have survived the teacher workshop without it.

FYI: Teaching AP Computer Science is FUN. Right now, no one can find the case study files, but the laugh is on the college board, I grabbed them this summer and put them on my website and HID them where my kids and I can find them. Wonder if I can charge people for access?
Would be evil, but then the College Board web designers are more evil. Wonder if they are charging people for access?

I love my pump.

I have had my share of problems. Someone really needs to work on the insertation set thing. They fail too often. In 5 weeks, I've had three failures.

Even more ranting on Morbid Obesity

DB's Medical Rants

I've got a really good friend who is morbidly obese and desperately wants weight loss surgery.

She hasn't been able to get it.

She needs a new knee joint too but the surgeon won't touch it because she's too overweight.

She can't exercise because she has too much knee pain.

She's in this huge catch 20/20 situation because of insurance and because of the doctors.

I worry about her a lot.

I'm not sure what should be done for her.

DB is REALLY getting to me!

DB's Medical Rants

I'm really glad that DB brought up the morbidly obese thing. Yeah, I am morbidly obese.

Yes, I have had a horrible time with my weight loss struggles.

Here's the deal. When my medical issues are taken care of, I lose weight. When my medical issues aren't taken care of, I gain weight. I also never seem to have weight stay the same.

Maybe DB and other doctors would have more success with the morbidly obese patients, if they would stop assuming the problem is patient behavior and look further into the patient's health and lifestyle.

The hard part is getting help. Especially with doctors that don't know me and don't try to find out more about me.

As those who have been keeping up with this know, I got a new doctor this year.

He means well, but he really makes some irritating statements sometimes. One included -- "maybe you should work out". That got him the teacher look, as I have been going to the gym pretty close to every day since before January 1. The correct way to handle that, is, what kind of work out are you doing, maybe you need to change it. In my case, the problem was how we were delivering insulin, and he DID get that one right.

When a patient IS doing the right things, then maybe there is an underlieing medical problem. My primary care doctors have NEVER asked me how much I sleep. The allergists have, and tried and tried to send me to a sleep study, but for 5 years, I went to a primary care physician who was doing everything he could to save money, and I have no idea why I didn't insist.

Fixing the sleep would have probably kept me from becoming morbidly obese.

Even when the patient is having some eating issues, maybe fixing some of the medical issues will stop the eating issues. Changing the insulin delivery method did that.

Believe me, I'll be ranting more on this, because I'm a very frustrated patient!

Husband is a bit better

Thankfully he's decided that driving isn't a good idea. I'm taking Friday off to take him to the doctor and deal with some other things.

He is better though, says the hip doesn't hurt as much. He's behaving himself at the house. He goes upstairs, lets me bring him food, and stays there each evening.

Boy, do I need the sleeping time. I'm starting to catch up on sleep, but getting enough to make me cranky, not rested. Did stay in the bed all night though.

Dealing with a Whole Other Set of Medical Issues

My husband broke his hip, riding his bicycle. He weighs 160 pounds and is 6' tall. I'm not sure how he feel and I'm not sure I want to know.

Paramedics on the scene felt there were no bones broken. He didn't want to deal with the ER I guess, I wasn't there, I don't know the story and I am not sure I want to know, but he got home, and I didn't push the issue, not knowing much.

One week later, he went to his primary care physician who said "I'm sure nothing's broken but let's xray just in case". Yeah, just is case was wise....

Now I LOVE this doctor. I really do. Before insurance stunts in our area, he was my primary care physician and he got me to the right specialists for my allergy, my sleep apnea and the gastric reflux disease and got me good treatment. I'd lost 100 pounds when he was my doctor. So I trust him. I miss him, to tell you the truth, and am debating going back to him. It's just that I doubt he'll be on this earth much longer and don't want to deal with switching any more than I have to.

Anyway back to husband. So on Thursday morning he had surgery. After the surgery, surgeon told me surgery was a success, but was worried about blood flow to the hip, and isn't sure that is going to be resolved. That means a hip replacement, and we won't know for a year or so.

He's on crutches for the next 8 weeks.