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Got my heated humidifer yesterday

And used it last night....

HUGE difference in the morning. Not near as dry and easier to get brain and body moving.

However, as with any change in my sleep, it kept me up and kept waking me, so ask me how it does in a few nights. Actually I'll post it here.

FYI: This was done right. Doctor ordered it on Monday, came UPS on Wednesday! However, I am STILL waiting to hear on the insulin pump.

Sleep Apnea Progress

This is cool. Sleep doctor called again today, told me part of the problem is restless leg and gave me a protocol to fix it with the existing medication. Then wants me to come in and evaluate what is going on.

Hmmm, that reminds me, I need to make an appointment for that.

Still waiting to hear on insulin pump. The DME managed care are taking longer than usual to decide according to the HMO.

Sleep Apnea progress

I really like Doctors who will work on the phone!

Just heard from my sleep doctor who wants my CPAP machine checked out by an expert. He said my sleep study showed I needed it set on 11, and it's set on 12.

He did agree that a heated humidifer would be a good idea and is getting that ordered.

Also said there was medication if CPAP checked out okay.


(Still waiting to hear on insulin pump).

I'm getting there....

Went through the "followup"sleep study last night. I devinately need the CPAP. Sleeping with did not go well.

However, sleeping with and adjusting went fine. Now waiting to hear what we need to do.

Also got discharged by the hand surgeon this morning. Man, I am glad that is done and over with. It makes a huge difference in the amount of work I get done and how I feel.

We've got two full weeks plus the rest of this one before school is out. I need to figure out something fun to do out of town. I also need to get caught up on sleep. I lost a few hours last night.

Still getting to the gym daily.