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June 2003

Doing good

I cannot wait until I get this bandage off my arm. It itches.

Good news, though! No pain! Carpal tunnel pain is gone from both hands.

The metforim is doing great, I think I figured out my dose of insulin. At least I haven't died yet. Or experienced any low.

I'm not holding my breath, but I think I've lost some weight. And my cardio workout got easier.

That was one side effect that I noticed before. I seem to have more "gas in the tank".

Glucophage + Insulin

It could be the hand -- its really not bothering, but I feel better today.

I took my first dose of glucaphage last night and boy did I see a difference in insulin usage. I dropped to 25 units and sugar stayed below 120 most of the everning. I did eat extra carbs and finally got sugar to 147.

It was at 97 when I woke up, and I took 25 ubits again. Sugar stayed below 150 all day without effort.

So I wouldn't have to eat more like last night, I only took 20 units. Cross fingers!

My high was 38 units twice a day with some sliding scale.

Change One Thing At A Time

While I've been recovering from surgery, a very frustrated diabetic post to the comment.

I couldn't find it but I have a piece of advice to share with anyone frustrated.

Pick one thing you can change in concentrate and that one thing.

I personally recommend exercise as that one thing to change. Pick something you can do and pick the time that you can do it. Find a way to reward yourself for doing it and reaward little steps.

If it is only five minutes at the end of the day you're doing five minutes more than you were.