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Almost a good day!
ADA's Take on Atkins

Why I hate carbs...

Okay, I don't hate them but I avoid them.

Here's a typical day eating carbs:

I wake up and blood sugar is in 120's. I ate breakfast with suggested number of carbs, say 2 servings. I feel loggy and check blood sugar two hours after eating. It's in the 190's. So I take some insulin to bring it down.

Then I eat lunch. Two more servings, feel loggy, blood sugar two hours after eating, still in 190's. Bring it down.

Go exercise, blood sugar is still high afterwards.
Day keeps going that way. I'm no fun to anyone, and I keep giving injections.

Yes, and I've increased my insulin enough to cover the carbs, but I still feel like I'm chasing the high and lows and on a rollar coaster. See Dr. Bernstein's book. Any chemist, engineer type will tell you, changing things a small amount is easier to keep stable than changing large things.

Typical day that works for me:

Get up, eat a low carb breakfast. Blood sugar stays under 150, and I can think. Eat low carb lunch (probably < 2 servings today), blood sugar goes up a touch, to the 150-170's. Go to gym, walk the sugar off, go home, take insulin, eat dinner, and blood sugar stays low all day.

Increase it up to around 150 in the evening and wake up with 100-110 in the morning -- that's to prevent dawn syndrome.

Works for me.

And it's the day to day effects that affect me more, than the long term.