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ADA's Take on Atkins
Getting back

Note to self and all other diabetics

Don't get compliacent!

Just because for 7 days you had the same readings, don't think you will have the same on the 8th day. That's how we end up in trouble.

I haven't pulled it yet, but have started to. Which is dumb, because I have

a) upped my insulin levels
b) resumed my execise schedule
c) dropped my carb level

twice yesterday, I thought -- oh, I can skip this testing, I was at x reading and I'll be there today. WRONG! I went ahead and check and I was 50 points different than readings last week. YEP 50 points LOW! I figured I was around 180 yesterday before exercise and was at 120. Figured the same before going to bed and was at 130 -- I know from experience if I go to bed with a carbohydrate level lower than 150, I will spend the next day fighing blood sugar levels too high from dawn syndrome.

Moral: Test, test, TEST!