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My Take on Atkins

The Atkins diet is the easiest diet in the world to follow. Carbs are MUCH easier to count than calories.

The mindset is easier too -- I can have these foods, I cannot have these.

My sister lost a lot of weight on Atkins. She eats that way all the time, STILL, and has kept most of it off.

I've tried it, find it easier to deal with, but like everything else, just don't lose weight.

Atkins is also easier on diabetics, as it cuts down the carbs, meaning we use less insulin.

I just switched my Diet Gourmet meals to low-carb -- based on Zone not Atkins. I had a chicken caesar salad for lunch, with ranch dressing.

For dinner I had a piece of salmon, a small serving of beans, brocolli, and assorted vegetables.

That's MUCH better for me than their regular, high carb meals.

My insulin use is back up to 34 units twice a day with some extra injections. Of course, my exercise level has been down.

Of course the biggest problem, is that if you mention you are doing anything close to Atkins to a dietician, they start screaming that you'll ruin your kidney or get high chlorestral.