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I confess...I finally screwed up
Why I hate carbs...

Almost a good day!

First, got picked to do district tests. I love that gig, and it's an extra $400.

I know where I am spending it. I'm giving the hypnosis one more good shot ... I did some work with this lady when she was interning, and she and I are on a closer wave length. Lost touch with her, and finally found her again. (So I wasn't looking THAT hard).

Denton Hypnosis Center

Hypnosis did me very well, but I have trust issues.

More good things. Managed 15 minutes, then 10 minutes of ET. Hand is much better! Did a total of 40 minutes cardio today. Not my personal best but not bad for coming off surgery.

7 more days of school. Last day is going to be very interesting.