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I think I'm obsessed...
A quick brag on big dog

Why I work so hard on this

I am around a few people who are diabetics who don't work at hard at diabetes as I do.

So why do I?

First my dad died a slow death (it took three years), which was probably painful, and was certainly frustrating. It all started with a diagnosis of diabetes. Watching him die was not fun. I remember good times during those three years, but most of them were pretty bad.

Second, I am very sensitive to blood sugar variations. I have never really enjoyed alcohol, and never thought about doing drugs because I really dislike any impairment of brain function. I also dislike any impairment of vision -- I drive my eye doctors nuts, because I have always been corrected to 20/10, even though they were aiming for 20/20 and these days I'm lucky to get 20/30.

Blood sugar variations do these things to me.

When my blood sugar starts getting near 150 I start getting a bit loggy. I notice that memory is slower, and I have a little difficulty with solving complex computer programming tasks. At around 180, my vision starts blurring and solving computer programming tasks become even harder. I am a nasty, evil human being when the blood sugar goes over 250. Good news/bad new sort of thing, I can't see who I am being evil and nasty too.

Too low isn't much better, with the added benefit of knowing that it will kill me faster than too high .

I am starting to feel better. I still feel old and decrepit but I don't feel quite as old and decrepit.