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Diabetes Rant

Made it!

Managed to increase exercise up to 45 minutes on my cardio only days. In fact did better on my weight training days.

Monday was off school, so managed to get in 45 minutes of cardio along with the session with the personal trainer.

Tuesday got in 45 minutes all on the e.t.

Wednesday 30 + personal trainer.

Thursday 45 minutes all on e.t.

Friday have started doing something that really makes things go better. I do 10 minutes on the e.t. then two-three weight machines. I did 40 minutes yesterday total cardio yesterday as a result, but boy was I tired.

Today got in 45 minutes.

There are some added benefits, that's for sure. I've been able to reduce daily insulin to 32 units (that's from a high of 36). I still have to do some extra fast acting insulin most days to counteract lunch. That's been around 10 units though, depending on the lunch.

Unfortunately I'm still losing the same 5 pounds over and over again.

I've asked Diet Gourmet to switch me to low carb for next week to see if that will change things.

I'm going to stay at the same level of exercise for a time as the last 15 minutes can be pretty painful.