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Doctor problems

Insulin still decreasing

I'm still frustrated. I'm doing 45 min cardio or 30 min cardio + personal trainer 6 days a week and still losing the same 5 pounds over and over.

HOWEVER, some good news, and hopefully some light at the tunnel. Yesterday I was at 62 units of insulin and blood sugar levels stayed at good levels all day.

I'm going down to 60 today. That's from a high of 72 units!

One of the reason I'm decreasing insulin levels, is that I am very close to hitting some lows throughout the day (and did hit one on Sunday).

It's a fine balancing act, but I'm learning it.

Another example of balancing act, was going in the gym yesterday with a blood sugar of 106 1 hour AFTER eating (and taking insulin).

I did 45 minutes of e.t. and left with a blood sugar of 107.

I did it by taking a tablet of dextrose about every 10 minutes. To be more exact, I took one at the beginning of exercise, one at 5 minutes, one at 10 minutes, and then one at every ten minute interval afterwards.

Again, fine balancing acts.