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I still don't know what happened

Hitting Low

I hit low this morning -- 40 to be exact.

I'm not sure what happened. My blood sugar was 136 before I ate breakfast. I ate a very low carb breakfast, but then I usually do. Started laundry, came upstairs to do a low, felt really dizzy, sat down at my desk and took my blood sugar and it was 68 using my arm. Took it again with my finger and it was 40.

So I ate a couple of glocose tables, then grabbed a couple juice of boxes. Sugar had gone up to 70.

Most of my supplies and literature were downstairs. I knew I didn't want to burn any sugar at all, so stayed put. Remember the Nurseline provided by my insurance company -- to get a "rebate" at the end of the year we had to fill out a survey early in the year and use the nurseline twice, so I decided to give that a try.

It worked out very well. With my husband out of town, I really wanted someone to talk to. I assume if I'd have disconnected, they would have called local emergency and sent help, since they had all my information (and verified it). Though that might be a dangerous assumption.

I never really felt in danger, but I did want some support which the nurseline provided.

I'm fine now, but man I hate that.