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Insulin still decreasing

I'm still frustrated. I'm doing 45 min cardio or 30 min cardio + personal trainer 6 days a week and still losing the same 5 pounds over and over.

HOWEVER, some good news, and hopefully some light at the tunnel. Yesterday I was at 62 units of insulin and blood sugar levels stayed at good levels all day.

I'm going down to 60 today. That's from a high of 72 units!

One of the reason I'm decreasing insulin levels, is that I am very close to hitting some lows throughout the day (and did hit one on Sunday).

It's a fine balancing act, but I'm learning it.

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I got to swim in the pool!

We have a pool. I'm STILL not sure it's a good idea. We've had it since we've had this house, about 2 years.

Anyway, I was able to get in the pool. It was cold. 78 degrees, but it was fairly warm outside and I was still hot from the gym.

I managed to get across the pool 3 times, so add that with 30 minutes of cardio, 30 minutes of resistance training. Not bad.

Hitting Low

I hit low this morning -- 40 to be exact.

I'm not sure what happened. My blood sugar was 136 before I ate breakfast. I ate a very low carb breakfast, but then I usually do. Started laundry, came upstairs to do a low, felt really dizzy, sat down at my desk and took my blood sugar and it was 68 using my arm. Took it again with my finger and it was 40.

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Freestyle by Therasense

I'm linking to myself, hope that doesn't break anything, but I wanted to make sure people who use alternative site testing saw the post on my low this morning.

I first tested on my arm and got a 68. That's alarming in itself, but within seconds later I tested my figure and got a 40. Make sure when you are testing lows, you are finger testing.

Yeah, it's a real pain, and my fingers hurt all day afterwards, but this is needed information.

And it's days like today having a data port would be nice...