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Tried a Glucerna meal replacement bar again today, and it worked out pretty well. It's more carbs than I am used to, but saves a stop to pick up break if I'm running late. Or stopping to cook.

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I really like the snack bars and haven't touched a real candy bar since I started keeping plenty around. I keep a couple of boxes in my closet at school and here at the house. 140 calories and 23 grams of carbs. Not bad, and certainly better than your average snickers bar.

I am not sure about the shakes. I think they are too high in carbs and calories. I am interested in hearing other people's opinions, but I think I have trouble controling my blood sugar after I've had one. They are 220 calories and 29 carbs.

However, I tried a meal replacement bar (Chocoloate Peanut) for breakfast this morning, and for a fast, breakfast it wasn't bad. They could be crunchier, especially since they are peanut flavored. 220 calories, 32 grams of fat.

Planning Next Week

I had a lot of problems this week with being tired, and as a result did some uncontrolled eating, so I'm going to try to plan better.

I'm also taking my first trip as a diabetic -- I need to go to Austin for a teacher workshop. I'm taking Friday to get there, staying there Friday night and Saturday night and coming back on Sunday. I'm staying at a suite type of hotel, which I've found is the best option. In the past, when staying at a regular type of hotel, I wake up to every noise. This hotel has the bedrooms on the side opposite of the corriders and that has helped in the past.

I'm also taking my food with me. I've got a really nice cooler that plugs into the truck or the wall in a hotel room and has worked in the past. That will help me stay on track better.

Went to the grocery store and picked up plenty of low-carb snack foods, cheese, mostly. I find I do better if there are more good choices in the house then poor.

Anyway, I'm going to focus on keeping stress low, and not getting too tired. Hope that solves the food problems.

More on Prescription Games

I called Customer Service and they told me to tell the local pharmacy to fill my depo prevera as 1 for 30 days.

The local pharmacy had gotten an email telling they couldn't fill Depo because it had to go to the mail order pharamcy. In other words, since it was a 84 day script, not a 30 day script, they won't be reimbursed.

So we're in a catch 22.

And here's the more fun part ... through mail order it's $43.29 and I paid $55.69 (I was wrong on the $53.00).

So yes, I save money by going through mail order, but man, if I forget to reorder there is no window at all.

Maybe this will work out better.

More pharmacy games

Sigh... Here's another one of the formulary things....

Yesterday I needed a Depo Prevera shot. One shot is good for 12 weeks (84 days). Of course, nothing is covered at my local pharmacy unless it is written for 30 days. And if I go through the mail order pharmacy, it's about $15.00 higher.

Weird? or What?

So I've got to track this down and fight it, because I got charged $53.xx instead of $30.00

And I've got to go back to my doctor and tell him to write the script for 30 days!

We ran into this a few years ago. I need to be on Deflucan every day for a month. Well, the doctor thought it only came packages for treating normal yeast infections and wrong the script for that.

The local pharmacy rejected the third refill and gave me all kinds of guff and stress. Finally the pharmacy actually thought for a second and said -- if your doctor would write it for THIS form of Diflucan it would be covered AND it would have been cheaper.

Why didn't they say that the first time ... and of course, they wouldn't refund anything for before.