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Dealing with Pharmacy's

I thought I had written something about this before, but this weblog entry on another site reminded me that I needed to say something about it again.

Unreasonable Pharmacy programs

Moral of the long story: make sure your doctor checks off the "Dispense as Written" instruction on the script.

I left a comment there, but I'll sum it up here.

I have been prescribed Zocor, have been on it a year, and honestly don't know why the doctor choose it over Lipidor. It's on my things to ask.

I'd been on it through about 3 months through the local pharmacy while we figured out the dose, and then was on the 3rd refill from the mail order, when they sent one of their official looking faxes to my doctor's office.

First, why is this an issue? Well, the first time they pulled this, the pharmacy company got the doctor to switch my allergy medication from Allegra to Claritin. Other than the fact that the FDA was then in the process to make Claritin an over the counter drug, and thus make it unavailable from my phamacy plan -- my allergist had switched me off of Claritin because my blood pressure was elevated on Claritin.

The second time this was pulled, I was on Nexxium. The pharmacy wanted me on a cheaper drug, Prevacid, which we had already discovered after over 6 months of playing with drugs, didn't work for me. This is for GERD, and something that you find with GERD according to my last gastric guy -- all GERD drugs are not equal and you also get used to them after a time.

The really bad part of this was that I only had a week's supply of Nexxium and had to go back to the local pharmacy and get more which costs all of us 3 times as much as it does to go through the mail order pharmacy! Plus, they had to pay to get the Previcid shipped back.

So this time, I called and complained to everyone who would listen and finally got a supervisor on the very top of the food chain at my online pharmacy. That supervisor told me that I need to make sure the "Dispense as Written Box" check each time the doctor wrote a script.

I'm not holding my breath, but I am hoping the problem is solved.