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Since this is becoming more than an experiment, I'll finally confess who I am.

My name is Kathleen Weaver -- I teach computer science at Hillcrest High School in Dallas. I have a personal website and a teaching activities website.

My first foray in the internet and the web was when I helped run a state wide police K9 organization which will remain nameless. For over 5 years, I wrote their newsletter, ran online mailing lists for them, maintained websites, and did internet research. I also trained police K9 dogs, taught police officers how to handle dogs, taugh police officers how do use computers and the internet and did computer work with several local police departments.

One of my more unusual claims (accomplishment?) is that I had the second personal internet account in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Up until that time, you had to be affliated with a university or company to have an email address and to access the WWW or other parts of the Internet.

I left training K9 dogs a few years ago, when I finally hit the wall sleepwise. In Texas, you really have to train K9 dogs at night, there are few months in the year when training in the daytime can be accomplished, and besides, they do better and are more useful working evening and night shifts. Making them train when I could was not a good option.

So I've slowed down my pace a bit and am attempting to do dog agility with my two beagle girls. It gives me a reason besides blood sugar to do time on the treadmill.

I think I mentioned this before but some may have missed it. I am dealing with a whole group of medical problems.

The most pressing are the diabetes and carpal tunnel syndrome. I am told I need surgery -- and my friends all say, "duh"... didn't deal with it until I realized that the sympthoms could be diabetes complications. I have been seen recent literature linking the two.

I also have two sleep disturbances that have been formerly diagnosed -- sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome. I am on a CPAP machine which really isn't that bad.

I also have GERD, (Gastric Reflux Disease) and have been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. The GERD has been an issue lately, and I have no idea if I will ever dial with the hiatal hernia. Both are on the bottom of my list.

I am also allergic to the state of Texas -- okay, just outdoors: grass and trees and am allergic to dust, which makes working with computers interesting, especially when I play with older hardware.

Besides teaching high school computer science -- and webmastering and a business course, my current projects include a self published textbook on web mastering and training two dogs in dog agility. I also spend a whole lot of time researching all my different medical issues. I guess I'm convinced there is a cure on the internet