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Fall - 11 days later

I went to physical therapy on Friday.

We came up with a plan for the dog show.  Basically, I’d use the rolling walker (rollator) when I was setting up the dogs, putting them on the table, etc. but lose it to show their gate.

Apparently I did way too much.

First, they wanted Summer to be shown by a junior but she was not having it and went into full blown snit.  I ended up going in the ring with her, because we didn’t have time to let someone else show her.

She did make friends again with Martha—owner of Summer’s father.  

On Sunday, it was decided that Martha was going in with Summer and Ann was taking Obi in.

Good news, we got the same result.

I was exhausted, and wasn’t up to arguing with anyone, but did manage to move both dogs around at the same time with the rollator.

On Saturday night, my knee was itching and most of the day Sunday. I woke up today with it aching.  Cleaned out the car, got to the grocery store and picked up two easy meals, did lunch and went to physical therapy, iced and rested it the rest of the day until dinner time.  I managed to make dinner, though it wasn’t hard.  Salmon in the oven, veggies in the microwave.

I’m the best I’ve been now which is great because I was totally discouraged during PT.


Still here - Fall experience

Yes, the blog is still here, just haven’t had a lot to say.

I fell last Thursday.  Was cleaning, pant leg got caught on a dog cage and I went down, hard on my knee.

One of my Facebook / beagle friends wanted to know why I didn’t go to the ER.  Well, I have to be bleeding before I enter that particular hell.

And bleeding uncontrollable.

I fell in the late afternoon, it got where I couldn’t walk by the time the doctor’s office closed, so I waited until the next day.a

Okay, I was hoping I would wake up and be fine, but I was worse.

Went in, had xrays, nothing broken, an injury an orthopedic surgeon couldn’t fix.  He ordered physical therapy and I had to wait until Wednesday.  

I was slowly getting better but still wasn’t walking by the time of the appointment.  

Great visit, did a lot to help and I’m walking but limited to a few steps.  Even using the rolling walker means short distances.  I still hurt.

I didn’t mention this, but I should:  husband brought me crutches and I took one look at them and realized it wasn’t happening.  I sent him to Walmart for a rollator (rolling walker) and it does rock.  

Sleep Update

I haven't been to the sleep doctor in a year -- on purpose.

My sleep hasn't been as good as it could be lately, I think wearing the same type of mask for multiple years is causing the problem.  I've been wearing the same manufacturer's full face mask for decades.  I often wake up and just have to take the mask off for a bit.

He agree and order a AirFit N30i for me.  Love it.  It's a nasal pillow, and connects at the type of the head.  Used it last night, and I don't think I need the chin strap as opening my mouth is quite uncomfortable with it on.


Personal Trainer's Should Respect Their clients time

That is the Biggest program I have had with personal trainers.

I had one that came to the house and we worked out at my gym, but I dismantled it.  I may be putting it back together, not sure.  I like the social aspect most.

I have had personal trainers not show up (3 times!).  Show up late.  Quit without telling anyone including the gym.

The latest has been a place I liked but I really think that the workouts were too hard for me.  

Twice they texted me, and wanted me to change times.  Didn't respond when I said it would work.  Double booking is NOT cool, which was what happened.  

I really think that is all about the fact that it is more profitable for them to book individual or small group rather than large group.

All of the above has resulted in fired personal trainers. 

Root Canal

I started to see some temperature sensitivity in one of my teeth.  #14 to be exact.

After 4 years of going to Baylor and it taking 4-5 visits of half a day each, I've decided to go back to a private dentist.  Monarch to be exact.  I don't have the best dental insurance (I've had that, but it's expensive), but I have decent.  Price is about the same and I don't have to handle the paper work.

I liked the general dentist and they are sending me to their specialist for the root canal.  I'll go back to the general dentist for the temporary and crown, right after.  Not a lot different than the dental college, but a lot faster time frame.  

I've got a call out to the dental college and I am hoping I can get my records.  

Best news is that I am not in pain.

Day 1 of Plumbing Repair

It's been estimated at just under $19,000 and 5 days.

They showed up on time.  They have huge piles of dirt in front of the house and in the back of the house and they just keep getting bigger.  The dog run is gone.  I locked the dog door a bit ago.  I've got a x-pen up.

I have been doing business with this company for a few years.  I'm always afraid a company will go bad, like AAA-Auger did, but everyone keeps telling me they are good.  

Basically they are putting two tunnels under the house, and rerouting the waste system and building a new one.  Plumbing hasn't been working right for two months.

I was going to take two dogs with me to dog agility but they had me leave the front door unlocked, the back door unlocked and the garage door open.  That freaked me out, as there were two things in the house I can't replace.  Macy and Dulce.

I took them with me.

The stress wasn't good for me.  I ate a quarter of my lunch and now my blood sugar is dropping.  I am eating gummy bears now.

Celebrex Weirdness

Friday I had a bunch of injections in my knee.  Dextrose, I believe.

It has not affected my blood sugar and my knee is not bothered me.  They asked me to not take my Celebrex as it would affect healing.

Guess what?  I don't feel any different pain wise without the Celebrex 

Weirder is that I asked my primary care physician two years ago if I should get off of it and he said no.


I can go back on it if I need it, but it is looking like I don't.

Dexcom issue solved -- sort of

I have been having trouble with the Dexcom G6 staying on me for the full ten days. 

A lot of us have been having this issue, according to Dr Google ;)

I have figured out the overlay tape doesn't last the full 10 days either.  So I have been putting the sensor on, then just about when the tape starts coming up, add overlay tape.

I have even had to trim the overlay and put a second layer on it, but that usually does the trick.  I think we can get overlay tape free from Dexcom, as they did send me one packet, but I have bee using a tape on bought on Amazon and leaving the Dexcom for emergencies.  It's in my bag in case I have an issue when I'm out and about.

Modoma - The new answer

I’ve hinted about this place in two previous posts.

They are on Inwood Rd, just across from the Galleria.

I can’t get over how clean and nice this gym is.  It’s small, not a lot of space and they specialize in group private training.  Group private training has been 4 trainers on one person, or one trainer with 4 people, or anything in between.

They have a 6 week challenge, which is there way to attract members.  It isn’t cheap, and they suggest training three times a week.  They focus on core training, where my phyiscal theory has focused on my injuries.  They are also really big on off days.  They have classes MWF or TTS.  Closed on Sunday.

Their 6 week challenge is free if you lose enough weight (I don’t remember what the exact deal was) or reduces your monthly rate.  So far, I’ve lost about 10 pounds in 4 weeks.  

The challenge combines food advice with training.  Their food advice is a small box, but they are willing to adjust that box as needed.  With my lap band, following their box resulted in 900 calories yesterday.  Both I and the head trainer was concerned about going into starvation mode, so I’m opening the box up a bit.  I’m already at 804 calories today, so that’s good.