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Got a new endo!

I have been stressing as my endo left the practice in November and I hate not having one. I think my PCP would be able to write the scripts but they aren't used to the hoops the PBMs make them jump through.

Also going to try Mounjara which we have been wanting to do.

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Cooktop isn't being installed today

I bought a new gas cooktop the day after Thanksgiving and everything has conspired to keep it from getting here.

They were holding it until the rest of my appliances came in.  I didn’t know I had to get the installation scheduled first.  Every communication has been interesting.

Well, it was scheduled for tomorrow, and then had to be moved up.  This morning, the installer called to tell me he had to postpone indefinitely, one of his crew is sick and has to go to the doctor.  He has to get well and cleared until it can be scheduled.

So I’m not completely crazy — if you let me know what is going on, I don’t get upset.  It’s just when you tell me something is going to happen and it doesn’t, I get crazy.  

What do want to bet he wants to do it Friday when I have a doctor’s appointment?  Well, husband can open the door and let them in.

GardenCup - Huge disappointment

I am deeply disappointed.  I really liked the idea of Gardencup.  They are a local business that packages salads, chia puddings, protein cups and other items.  They do ship around the country.

I got email today and text messages indicating my order would be delivered.  it’s not here.  They didn’t send their usual delivery emails.

I just canceled next weeks delivery and will be putting this week’s delivery charge in dispute with the credit card company.

Huge disappointment and I’m said because I found some healthy food I liked.

I have had some qualms — I took 4 boxes back to them and all the cups and discovered they are in a “ghost kitchen”. Better than in someone’s house, and probably the most cost effective way to start a food business but did feel like they were in for the long term.

Good weekend

I’ve been avoiding being in the car for long trips.  In fact, I turned down my husband when he wanted to go on a long driving trip and I turned down the beagle people and my family for the National Speciality.

I decided I needed to work up to it.  I entered a dog show in Belton, two and half hours away, then two days the next weekend knowing that most beagle people would be in Virginia and that most beagle people know what is going on.

The first weekend, Obi won WInner’s Dog and Best of Variety Owner Handler.  We stayed for the OH groups.  That meant we left at 6:30 am and got back at almost 7:00 pm.

The weekend, Obi won Winner’s Dog, Best of Variety, and Best of Variety Owner Handler and went into both rings twice.  He wasn’t really wild about it, but was happy to meet new friends.   We left at 7:00 am this time and got back around 6:00 pm both days.

So long, sitting, standing, and walking days.

I’m no more stiff than I am any other morning.  My back isn’t bothering me at all though my knee is, I’ve been dealing with that for decades.

I think he is 16 points with one major, just needing the major.

The handler we competed against this weekend was gracious and said he was glad I showed up, even though Obi won all the things.

Major Scale Victory

I got my lapband in 2009.  I do not recommend.

I weight 320 pounds according to their scale, day of surgery.  I know I weighed more than that at one point.

Today, I weighed 219.2.  I have been doing Profile by Sanford, and have resolved two heart conditions.  I am using very little insulin but I am on Ozempic and Farziga.


Heart Conditions Improved with Profile diet

Back when I stopped being able to eat and stopped losing weight with my lap band, I was sent to a cardiologist to prepare for surgery.

She found a leaky valve.  I saw her in July, started Profile in December, and a year later saw her again.  That was 30 pounds later.

During that visit, she found an arterial dilation but the leaky valve had resolved.  I saw her again this week, about 35 pounds later and lots of exercise minutes and the dilation had resolved.

So not only have I lost weight -- and I have just cleaned my closet of clothing that is too big for me -- again, but I have also improved my heart health.  I was a bit concerned that the vaccine might have had something to do with the dilation, but if it did, it wasn't a long term effect, and much better than most of the COVID side effects.

I am losing weight again!

It's only been two days on Performance, but the scale is moving in the correct direction.

Being on the Reboot/Reduce plan and doing 90 minutes of exercise a day was just too hard.  My coach was encouraging and felt that I should add some protein to the plan, but that was still leaving me hungry in the evenings, and making me feel like I was cheating.

On Performance/ Reduce I'm not hungry at the end of the day and I'm not tempted to eat the wrong food.  That's a huge difference for my mental attitude.

I don't want to reduce my workouts.  My ultimate goal is to participate in  Agiity Trials again.  I also need a great deal of strength and endurance to be able to compete at conformation.

I have to share an "OOPS".  I have been logging food at MyFitnessPal and I thought I was eating too much until I realized I had set MyFitnessPal to lose two pounds a week.  I'm actually right there.


I've spent the last few weeks frustrated.

Mostly because my medical team and my weight loss team don't get how much I exercise.

The straw that hit the camel's back is when my Profile coach mentioned in the meeting recap, that I work out 20-30 minutes a day.  

That's just the warm up.  Seriously.  I walk 20-30 minutes a day, then 10-20 minutes of weight training, and another 30-45 minutes of cycling.  I am currently working with a personal trainer, and that's 45 minutes of strength training, with the cardio sandwich.  I will say I do cardio only on the day before and day after the workout with the personal trainer but then I step up the cardio to 60 minutes.

According to Apple Fitness, my resting energy is 2140 calories and my active energy is 790 calories.  Profile had me on a 1500 calorie a day plan, and I was literally starving in the evening.

I finally got Profile attention when I posted in the Facebook group.  They heard me and talked to the manager and she agreed that I needed to go to their Performance Plan.  I was already better yesterday evening, didn't feel like eating the house.  I did make a slight mistake by eating an extra starch, not a fruit, but it's a process.

My social worker is having me not weigh and to focus my mind on losing weight.  We'll see how that works.  I did weigh because I have a telemedicine class today, but I am losing weight, so there is that.